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Homemade sarlota cake (for the GREAT MEETING from SIBIU)

Homemade sarlota cake (for the GREAT MEETING from SIBIU)

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I haven't posted anything in a long time, I wouldn't do it even now if Laura wasn't so insistent. Thanks Laura.

  • 1 l milk
  • 16 lg fructose (sugar)
  • 8 eggs
  • 4 lg with flour tip 000
  • 4 gelatin sachets Dr O
  • 4 lg cocoa
  • 1 vanilla essence

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Homemade sarlota cake (for the GREAT MEETING from SIBIU):

Mix 8 lb with fructose with the milk in a bowl and heat. When warm, take 1 cup of milk in which the flour will dissolve, then pour in the heated milk. Sarlota will be kept on the sea bath until it thickens, during which time we will stir continuously, in order to avoid the formation of lumps and the catching of the vessel. When everything has thickened well, add the yolks one by one, mixing everything well. It is the time of gelatin, but not before it is hydrated according to the method well known by everyone. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then with the other 8 lg of fructose, until it becomes a thick foam and add to the cooled saucepan, lightly, stirring with a spoon from the bottom up. Sarlota being ready, it is divided into 1/2 in 2 bowls; in one add vanilla, in the second cocoa and if you like, rum. Follow the assembly of the cake: in a round-detachable shape of 24-26 cm, pour the vanilla composition and give refrigerator until it hardens, to be able to support the other half with cocoa and not to mix the 2 compositions, finally having 2 distinct layers. The cake thus obtained is put in the fridge, preferably until the next day (if you resist ... I succeeded, but I forced myself to come out well, because there had to be aspects, not only good for the chefs from the sea meeting: d)

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If you want, you can also decorate ... I had no idea, and the whipped cream didn't make me smile

Bahmuteanu spends 20,000 euros

Adriana Bahmuteanu will turn 33 on Monday. She will celebrate her birthday with a mega party in which over 120 guests will take part, at Casa Doina. The party, a gift from Silviu Prigoana, cost 20,000 euros.

Adriana Bahmuteanu, 3 and a half months pregnant, decided that this year she would no longer celebrate her birthday in a small circle, as usual, but to have a mega-party at Casa Doina. & # 8216I want to celebrate my 33rd birthday with a memorable party. So far I have celebrated my birthday at home, with my family and some acquaintances. This year I invited all my friends and all my friends to my birthday. I received this party as a gift from Silviu, but I will have another gift from him when we go to America, at the end of the month. "She promised to buy me clothes for a few thousand dollars," Adriana told us.

The band Bambi, Tinu Veresejan & # 8211 Prigoana's favorite & # 8211 and a DJ will warm up the atmosphere, and among the guests are Marcel Pavel, Madalin Voicu, Mircea Badea, Oreste, Mihai Gadea and Daniel Capatos.

The party dress alone cost 1,000 euros

The dress that Adriana will wear on her birthday was bought from America and cost 1,000 euros. & # 8216It is a long, cocktail dress, elegant, that I have never worn. "Silviu from America bought it for me," Adriana told us. The menu has been carefully chosen and contains duck liver specialties with cranberry sauce, smoked salmon, cheese mousse, smoked duck breast sausage, mutton mutton, salads, cakes, cake and champagne.

Silviu Prigoana says that the fact that he will be present at Adriana's birthday is the most beautiful gift he can give her. & # 8216Adriana told me she wants to stay home longer. I want to fulfill this wish. By the way, what greater gift can I give her than the fact that I will be next to her & # 8217, declared Silviu, who is waiting for the birth of her third child.

Oana Zavoranu, at home in Prigoana

Silviu Prigoana makes his official debut on television tonight, starting with 22.00, at Romantica. The businessman will be the central character of a show that will combine in a single format elements of sitcom, talk show and reality show, called & # 8216Singur acasa & # 8217. Prigoana's guests for the first edition & # 8216Singur acasa & # 8217 are: Oana Zavoranu, Dan Matei Agathon, Cristina Spatar and the billionaire Cristian Tantareanu. In fact, Oana Zavoranu signed the other day with Romantica for an entertainment show, which she will present in parallel with her role in her autobiographical soap opera.

Festive cookies for Christmas

Cheer up those around you with the cutest cookies. Not only are they very tasty, but they are easy to prepare and keep tender for a few days.

Ingredient: 325 g of flour, 200 g of butter, 125 g of sugar, an envelope of vanilla sugar, two large yolks, a pinch of salt.

Mix butter, flour, sugar and salt powder. Add the yolks and continue to mix until smooth. Put the composition on a surface on which you sprinkled flour and form a ball, then cover it with a towel and leave it for half an hour. Roll out the dough and cut out shapes from it. Either improvise certain patterns or use special commercial shapes for the winter holidays. Place the biscuits in a tray and keep them in the oven until lightly golden. Leave them to cool, then give them different interpretations. You can form sandwiches from them and put jam or various delicious creams in the middle or sprinkle them with a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon, then tie them with ribbons, for a special look.

Here are the top 100 funniest names, invented or real!

Romanians are an inexhaustible nation of inspiration when it comes to baptizing their children. Whether it's a name or a first name, true or fictitious, "Swallow", "Triţă", "Renato", "Superman" or "Muilă" are just some of the funniest names of our compatriots. The site has made a list of the 100 funniest names, it's true, some of them fictitious.

1. Modest ostrich
2. Cat Swallow
3. dl. Carmen Stamatescu
4. Supplexa Memoranda Onac
5. Dark Steluţa Luminiţa
6. Branch Pastrama
7. Beet Geniloni
8. Gigel Potrivitu
9. Rudolf Pufulete
10. William Cheese
11. Andalusia Poşircă
12. Renato Lacrimă
13. Tuduce Dorule Dicusară
14. Triţă Făniţă
15. Raiu Viorica Speranta
16. The Virgin Mary
17. Artaxerxes Bubulac
18. Exacustodian Păuşescu
19. Amorel Vătămănescu
20. Marcelon Grandmother
21. Fridolin Boacşă
22. Momcilo Luburici
23. Georgian Elvis Gagiu
24. Tolea Ciumac
25. Salomeea Guinea
26. Codruţ Dumbravă
27. Mariana Hopulele
28. Maer Analena Enola Fotini
29. Eugen Cătălin Prefacutu Timpău
30. Play-Well Mirel
31. Sava Superman
32. Bred Pit
33. Cojocaru Tom-Mac-Bil-Bob-Constantin
34. Bogdan Vodă
35. Gheorghe Bettjinio Diamant
36. Adonis Bunghiş
37. Paraschiva Sulă
38. Argentina Aristotle
39. Mucea Zinel
40. Daniel Mai-mihai
41. Ruptureanu Rozeta
42. Antonio Momoc
43. Duru Marin Cervantes
44. Gogan Lidicica
45. White Venus
46. ​​Egidiu Condac
47. Leopoldina Bălănuţă
48. Vasile San Siro Ciocoi
49. Simiorina Rad
50. Nicu Bîzdoacă
51. Simion Berebună
52. Oana Duşmănescu
53. Mioara Ciobanu
54. Adina Coadăgalbenă
55. Vasile Grămadă
56. Tonchievici Gasparel Mimi
57. Dumitrescu Cireşel
58. Ion Ştefan cel Mare
59. Ion Mariano Monamour
60. Goose Gicu Agenor
61. Pussy Alexander - Dick
62. Ilegitim Vasile
63. Illegitimate Silviu Adrian
64. Chichihăzan Driada Aphrodite
65. Accents Bolesc
66. Jenel Copilău
67. Marcello Borcan
68. Toni Rake
69. Epiphany Amohnoaie
70. Franţ Ţandără
71. Graţiela Leocardia Gavrilescu
72. Wilhelmina Arz
73. Marin Capdefier
74. Crenguţa branch
75. Fundătureanu Pişleagă Sorin
76. Puscaş Marin
77. Pantelimon Zeamăneagră
78. Penelopa Muilă
79. Turicea Bactelius
80. Napoleon Duck
81. Joiţa Trestolian
82. Roland Laurentiu Cucuruz
83. Babacea Binel
84. Culiţă Tărâţă
85. Aliodor Manolea
86. Constantin Bălălău
87. Petru Carcalete
88. Santa Claus Christmas
89. Cătălin Ovidiu Obuf Buhăianu
90. Doru Frunzulică
91. Dumitru Tărăşenie
92. Florin Tupilatu
93. Doruleţ Resmeriţă
94. Viorel-Riceard Badea
95. Sarmisegetuza Tulbure
96. Henorel Niţu
97. Pompilie Borş
98. Nini Săpunaru
99. Florentin Gust Balosin
100. Mihăiţă Găină

Fasten your seat belts, we land in Absurdistan!
Do the mayoral candidates think we're crazy, or do they have some problems with gourds? Take a look at what SFs come with the campaign:

PP-DD. Florin Neagu, who wants to be mayor in Damboviteana Voinesti, promises voters that it will bring rain that has a lot of water.
"I had initially thought of something shocking, but I thought this slogan fit our community perfectly," said the PP-DD candidate for mayor.

Ionel Stanescu, the bulibasa of the Roma from the commune of Ciurea in Iasi, promises a communal bath.

Eckstein-Kovacs Peter, who also entered the electoral battle for the position of mayor, proposes to the people of Cluj to relax in gardening. The Udemerist promises to build the Cluj Gardens, with plots of 500-700 square meters, to meet the needs of Cluj residents who want to get fresh air and, at the same time, to grow vegetables or fruits.

Uselist Marius Nicoara, plans, in addition to building a Disneyland-type park, to set up a Civil Guard for Pensioners, consisting of volunteers.

Mircia Giurgiu promises that, if she becomes mayor, she will force each of the 21,500 companies in the city to hire one person. Thus, Giurgiu promises, once installed in the position of mayor, it will create 21,500 jobs.

Constantin Tomescu, UNPR candidate for the City Hall of Sector 6, also makes fanciful promises. Uneperist promises that he will build apartments for young people for which they will pay 85 euros per month. For those with modest incomes, Tomescu comes with the solution of rents of 30 euros. Even the retirees from Sector 6 were not left untouched: they will receive a 5-15% discount card at certain stores, the UNPR candidate also promises.

Edu, sector 5. In order not to suffer what Ceausescu also suffered, he put on paper at least a bizarre plan: to plant melons on the squares in Sector 5 and fruit trees in the RATB stations.
& # 8222Hunger is the main problem of the people and _____s who live in Sector 5. Remember: Ceausescu suffered what he suffered because the Romanians were hungry. I have some very original projects.
If I win the position of mayor, I promise to plant fruit trees & plums, apples, pears & # 8211 near each tram station so that the citizens have something to eat. Melons can be planted on the squares in Ferentari & # 8221, Edu explained.

Give up brooms when cleaning in Bucharest, because the broom moves dust from left to right. To buy vacuum cleaners instead - Silviu Prigoană (Liberal Democratic Party) - candidate for the Capital City Hall.

Municipal pension of 200 lei for pensioners from Prahova County - Mircea Cosma (Social Liberal Union - USL), candidate for the head of the Prahova County Council and Iulian Bădescu (Social Liberal Union - USL), candidate for Ploieşti City Hall.

Exemptions from taxes on the building for those who will build houses identical to some demolished ones, which belonged to some state dignitaries - Silviu Prigoană (Liberal Democratic Party) - candidate for the Capital City Hall.

We vote, we don't play!

At Campia Turzii they voted for a dead man as mayor

After three terms as mayor in Campia Turzii, Ioan Vasinca is again in the electoral race on the lists for the mayoral seat of Campia Turzii municipality. Unfortunately, he died after more than two weeks of hospitalization, but remained on the list of candidates for mayor. This incredible fact was possible due to the shortcomings of the law, which does not provide for any regulations in case of death of one of the candidates, the possibility of withdrawal or appointment of another person instead of the deceased is not specified.

Politician husband in custody, candidate wife & # 8211 Banesti

Although, initially, Petre Ion Costache, the mayor of the Brasov commune Banesti, registered in the electoral race, in the meantime he was arrested on charges of aggravated theft with very serious consequences, abuse of office and other crimes and was removed from office. lists of candidates for mayor. Later, however, Livia Ion Costache (as PD-L member), the wife of the former mayor, ran for him, but he failed to win the mayoral seat.

I stumble upon the position of local councilor in Iasi

Tiberiu Cristodorescu, a man from Iasi who is being investigated in several corruption cases, ran for the position of local councilor on the lists of the Christian Social People's Union. His name is associated with Iasi underworld circles and he was accused of harming the Romanian state with 4.5 million euros.

The first to come to take office was the mayor of Magurele, Ion Ruse. The man was handcuffed and escorted, as required by law in the case of an detainee. The policemen quickly took him to the hall and took off his bracelets, and the meeting with the voters was an emotional moment. They applauded him, he cried.

Then the prefect reconfirmed him in office. The mayor was picked up by prosecutors exactly one day before the election.

It was a little less exciting in Jilava, but the crowd waiting for the mayor was certainly greater. He swore again, for the second time, that he would thank those who voted for him.

Elected with 70%, the mayor of Jilava is accused of asking for 500,000 euros to draw up a land plan.

He returned today from custody to the penitentiary in the locality where he was just elected mayor.

Oprescu, the mayor of the capital Absurdistan, has a wolf, too bad he doesn't have a mind!

Mayor Oprescu recently stood out by placing a statue of Emperor Trajan on the stairs of the History Museum, empty-handed, and holding a wolf in his arms, exposing her breasts. Exactly what we Romanians lack on the crisis.
The commentary also appears in The Telegraph: & # 8222 & # 8221

The French press reports the comments of two readers, which are also taken over by the British daily:
[I] & # 8221Bah, folks, that one doesn't have panties on, but they put a scarf around his neck. Well, is it cold or not? & # 8221 [/ I], NL wonders
while I. writes:
[I] :)) I think I looked at the picture 10 times and I can't believe it. Proposal name: & # 8222Bigus Dickus and the levitating dog & # 8221 [/ I]
Other tasty comments:
[I] & # 8221The first monument dedicated to the strays in Romania has been unveiled & # 8221:
& # 8222The original title was: & # 8216Romanian citizen after paying taxes' & # 8221. [/ I]
A British reader comments on the Daily Telegraph: [I] & # 8221Lol. What about the statue to the & # 8222Unknown European Taxpayer & # 8230.And His Dog (uninsured). & # 8221
[/ I]
Tiei Şerbănescu's excellent comment:
& # 8222What is the message? Is the emperor empty? Each Trajan with his Lupeascca? Or is a human wolf? & # 8221

Frateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Is the wolf crazy or is the mayor sick ?!

The people of Bucharest don't give up either!

Our fellow forumist Blue has his own visions of the statue of Trajan. I see that he only holds Cruduţa with his hands & # 8230 Cucuveaua says if these were the statues from the Museum, the men would stay on the stairs! And not to look at Emperor Trajan!

Of course, I'm not ashamed of the University Square either!


Statues of Olguţa Vasilescu, mayor of Absurdistan
Made and thrown inside the "Ion Oblemenco" stadium since Ceausescu's time, from where, immediately after the Revolution, they were abandoned somewhere.The mayor of Craiova, Olguţa Vasilescu, found them and ordered them to be "planted" just above the new passage in the center of Craiova.
On the day of the inauguration, the statues looked like this:
Here is what the statues looked like the very day after their installation in the center of Craiova:

On the one hand, the man had written "FCU", and the woman "CS", after the names of the two teams, Universitatea and CSU. On the other side, the statues had other inscriptions: the man “PS 97”, meaning “South Lawn ‘97”, and the woman “OLGUţA”!

For an entire night, the city hall employees washed the paint statues, but everyone had already found out about the mess, the two photos wreaking havoc on the Internet.

After only two days, frightened by the vulgarities said to her by the people of Craiova who saw three women and a man naked, without any aesthetic argument, but rather as an expression of a sexual obsession, Olguţa Vasilescu decided to take this circus to paroxysm and ordered the statues to be & # 8230 dressed, as you see in the photo below!

The capital of Absurdistan, schools with more dogs than students in the yard!

Older from Prăjeşti, with love:

From next year, 10 of the 57 streets in Prajesti (Bacau) will be renamed, and will be named after the current mayor, Eugen Antica.
The decision is not new, given that the project has been approved by the Local Council since 2010, but the mayor is now waiting for the official results of the census to implement the plan.

The mayor visited Paris and was stained on the Louvre pyramids, so the mayor inaugurated a pyramid or, better said, a folding dome, inspired by the Louvre. He also built one on the local town hall, worth 18 billion lei. And although there is no water or sewer in the village, the mayor also made a Versailles garden to keep the pyramid ugly.

"In 2004, I visited the Louvre Museum. At the entrance there is a pyramid that I liked very much and I was inspired by the designer how to be our town hall. (…) I did something to be attractive to tourists. The sewerage is coming now ", he explained.

From Volunteers, with love:
As tall as a 15-story building & # 8211 with a cross is 60 meters high & # 8211 equipped with no less than five bells, with a total of five tons, operated & # 8222 from the button & # 8221, a bunker of 10,000 people, & # 8222in case of God forbid & # 8221, two elevators, for each wing, and around, a park of about three hectares. In short, this is how the mayor of Voluntari, Florentin Costel Pandele, described the cathedral in Beverly Hills, Ilfov. A huge area will be arranged in the basement. Two cold rooms, a museum and, like the mall, a space for children to sit when their parents or grandparents are at work. The basement of the cathedral can accommodate 2,500 people. The megacathedral will cost 7 million euros to be ready for red & # 8211 as the builder says. To this amount are added a few million more for the paintings, when the place of worship will be ready.

From Timisoara with love:
Timisoara, a city with debts of millions of euros, the mayor's office spent two billion lei to redevelop a small park with artesian well, Japanese quinces and grass from Hungary.
Then, the mayor Robu, he did not let himself be outdone either, he brought palm trees in Timişoara & # 8230 and 30 policemen who non-stop guard each palm tree.


Prime Minister Ponta sends the Roşia Montană project to Parliament. MP Ponta says he will not vote on the bill. Minister Rovana Plumb declares that she will give the environmental opinion after the vote in the Parliament, depending on the political decision. USL co-president Crin Antonescu says this project should be withdrawn from Parliament or rejected. Then PNL declares that it will not vote for this project. PSD declares itself only part of the coalition and declares that it will not vote for this project.
My dear ones, if you know any honest and mentally healthy politician from Dâmboviţa, I suggest we join hands and raise a statue for him.

From a banner at the University:
Other attitudes in Absurdistan:
& # 8211 an absurdist set fire to a dog
& # 8211 Another absurdist cut off a dog's head
& # 8211 in Cotroceni are posters: Do not take your dogs on the street, poison!

Prime Minister Ponta sends the Roşia Montană project to Parliament. MP Ponta says he will not vote on the bill. Minister Rovana Plumb declares that she will give the environmental opinion after the vote in the Parliament, depending on the political decision. USL co-president Crin Antonescu says this project should be withdrawn from Parliament or rejected.
Victor Ponta declares that giving up the project would cost us two billion Eur. Co-President Antonescu is stunned and says he did not know about such a thing.
Victor Ponta: The right decision was to let Parliament have a debate on the subject of Rosia Montana. Before or after you withdraw the project from Parliament?
Crin Antonescu: I understand that if we don't vote for the project, we pay 2 billion. PSD has a vague position, not a duplicitous one, I cannot make this accusation.
Can someone translate what Antonescu says to me?

So: if you find a mentally healthy and coherent politician, we go hand in hand to raise a statue for him.
And the minister of absurdist culture sits with his ass in two otters and suffers from a doubling of personality.
Asked, on Friday, in Cluj, in a press conference, how he will vote in the Parliament, as a senator, on the draft law on Roşia Montană, Daniel Barbu declared that, a few months ago, he was rather against the project , but he was on the spot and saw what the situation was.
& # 8222I, at the moment, am in a delicate situation, from a technical point of view I have signed the agreement, I am convinced that on the heritage side things are fine, none of the national laws or international provisions related to good practices in conservation heritage will not be violated, my conscience is at peace. As long as there is a decision of the PNL, that the party votes against this project, I will vote against this project. Eight months ago I had no opinion about Roşia Montană, honestly, I was rather against, not with passion, I had a suspicion towards the big international companies, but I was there, I saw what it is. If this project doesn't work out, if the company leave and do nothing, we have this expensive task to continue what has been done with private money or to do what Romanian archaeologists have been doing for a hundred years, to cover with sand & # 8221, said Barbu.

Mr. Minister of Culture, the Roman galleries are not covered with sand, they must be electrified and arranged in order to enter the tourist circuit.
Where does Ponta choose you ?!
From Timisoara, with love:
The crows that invaded the park behind the Metropolitan Cathedral of Timisoara attracted the attention of Mayor Nicolae Robu. If the deputy mayor was thinking of removing them with ultrasound, the mayor came up with another idea: to give them contraceptives.
Robu is not at his first brilliant idea. Liberal Nicolae Robu, former rector of the Polytechnic University, also had a & # 8222genial & # 8221 idea, banning cycling in the central areas of the city, although he invested some money in arranging the 50 kilometers of track for cyclists. Faced with protests, Robu left him, stating that it could only be during rush hours, when traffic is busier.

Invitation to a romantic dinner.
I would not dare. Vlad Mixich, Minister Nicolaescu, does it: a romantic dinner in a hospital in Craiova.

In the two buckets, colored in an appetizing red, is the tea to be served to patients. The Maglavais on the right has an uncertain origin and the author of the photo did not dare to test it. The slices of bread (which are not seen in the published image) are harmoniously arranged in a basin placed underneath.

The photo was taken last week in an important hospital in Craiova, directly subordinated to the Ministry of Health led by Eugen Nicolaescu.

It is the politician who, also last week, trying to convince doctors and nurses not to go on general strike, called on health professionals to show responsibility to patients and not to affect, through their actions, good functioning of the sanitary system ”.

And if you somehow want to wash your hands or relax with a hot bath after a hearty meal, you can choose quietly from the facilities presented below.

The photos are taken by patients in the Romanian state hospitals of 2013.

The Prime Minister of Absurdistan wants another commission on Ioana Basescu's credit
Prime Minister's statement:

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Tuesday that he had discussed with the leaders of the parliamentary groups for the establishment of a commission of inquiry in the & # 8222Călăraşi case & # 8221, because the Senate commission has another mission, namely the analysis of CEC Bank's activity.

& # 8222The PSD group leaders, both from PNL and from PC, told me that they are working to form a joint commission. (& # 8230) The group leaders want to propose a commission of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to investigate the activity of all those persons employed in public institutions related to the business in Călăraşi & # 8221, said Ponta.

& # 8222What I think is that the whole Călăraşi business in which the president of the country does not know if he violated any law, it is possible, but he certainly used his function for personal interests, will do & # 8211 I asked once again now the leaders and from PSD and PNL and from PC & # 8211 will be the subject of a joint commission of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, a commission of inquiry that will highlight all the data and present them to the Parliament and possibly to the state institutions. said Ponta.

He pointed out that the Senate inquiry is dealing with a & # 8222small thing & # 8221.
And that's how we pay for the stupidity of a prime minister and some parliamentarians who don't know how to give loans to a bank. The ones between 700,000 and 2.5 million Eur are approved not by the director Ghita or as the hell he calls him, but by the Board of Directors of the bank, which includes people from different political parties, the credits over 2.5 million Eur are approved by the Board of Directors. Bank administration. And not one credit was given this year, but 323 credits.
What the hell can the CEC lose on this loan, when a plot of land with 50 bani / sq m has been bought and in a few months it can be sold at three or four times the price!
Who loses, we, because the CEC as a bank is discredited and we pay the losses.
If this political class of three parals and the prime minister of two parals felt Romanian, it would do everything possible that now the CEC and other banks to grant cheap loans so that Romanians (I do not mean ethnicity) can buy as many lands. The price of land is several times lower in our country than in European countries, foreigners will come in a few months and will buy for nothing. You, the chosen ones of the nation, had to help the population of this country, not to fight in the commissions in order to change Ghețea (to whom, according to the contract, you will pay the money from our money anyway).
I believe that all these maneuvers are for the bankruptcy of the CEC, to which you have already done enough damage.
You want to bankrupt the CEC without forgetting that it is the only Romanian bank we still have and that all foreign banks give loans in this country higher than at their first branch across the border. You don't care about Romania, you don't care about Romanians.
What kind of politicians and what three-pronged policy do you parliamentarians do if the law by which a land can be sold forbids me as a Romanian citizen to buy agricultural land because I am not a farmer ?! My money, my risk, MY INVESTMENT, why are you interfering in my rights ?!
You only know how to raise taxes and ruin everything that has been done well in this country.
If after the romantic dinner Mr. Nicolaescu, the Minister of Health, travels to Iasi with a child, to be calm. The hospital is, the cribs are. Here's how it looks:

For 2014, the Ponta government has provided a total increase of 12.5 million euros for hospital repairs and the purchase of medical equipment. Only the rehabilitation of the roof and the facilities of the Children's Hospital from Iași will cost 12.5 million euros. So how will the money be divided?

With the Stick through animal culture
Valentin Iovan, the personification of contemporary Romanian culture.
Since the assassination of Horia Patapievici from the ICR, only dubious things have happened there. Seriously, on closer inspection, the events there seem to be a bizarre combination of the Twilight Zone and the Animal Farm. We have this: first of all, the appointment of Valentin Iovan, former employee of the Dolj Sanitary-Veterinary Directorate in the position of Deputy Secretary of the ICR. You will obviously wonder what the sula has to do with the prefecture. Or, more correctly, the cow, the pig and the sheep with Romanian literature or film. Well, didn't the forerunner of the current head of the ICR say that we have to worry about other things, such as theorems or radiators? And, starting from this premise, don't animals also have their own culture? If you do not agree with this statement, it means that you are not really Romanians, because all Romanians like Miorița, and Miorița is about sheep. Checkmate, skeptics!

As at ICR it seems that a bug never comes alone, the candidate for the position of deputy director of ICR Vienna is another person without whom the Romanian culture could not have progressed. Mihaela Baston-Ciobanu in her name (probably without any connection with her colleague as deputy secretary earlier) wants to go to Vienna (who wouldn't want to!) Only that in her CV she mentioned that she has basic knowledge of German. Forcing the comparison a little, this is like working at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and I would think that uranium is a cake. Finally, let Mihaela answer her critics, who do not understand that she, out of modesty, did not say that she had written them in Goethe's language: “I do not think it is a problem that in the CV, at the moment, the level of German appears at that level. I studied German at the University for two semesters, but also on my own. I recently resumed my study of the German language and the evaluation in the CV is a self-evaluation that also started from my modesty. ”(Source) Have you finished reading? Good. Then think about the time you have left from this day that this being will be paid with public money to burn it culturally in Schönbrunn.

Source: http: //…istractie.html
Statement by a spokesman for the government of Absurdistan:
& # 8222What can be interpreted from tonight? Simple: Scared, incoherent and matrafoxed. In desperation, like a duck blade about to finish the skit, he mustered the courage with another fifty-five hundred and came out to cover the media space. “Boy! Another card to the gentleman, to read here to journalists who do not have economists in the newsrooms & # 8221. With great regret, one must find that the king is empty. Sorry, the president is drunk. Not just power. Tonight, the President of Romania is so confused in his language that the conclusion is indubitable: he is afraid. And to overcome his fear, and to try to cover up with noise, he matrafoxat. Garcon, another cardboard to the gentleman. He has the courage to reject Romania's budget, to block an entire country. Garcon, another cardboard to the gentleman. Alcohol dictates: After him, the flood! Wait, he's sending him to the Constitutional Court as well. He did not even wait for the conclusion from the Parliament that he already knows that he will oppose himself to the end. Garcon, another budget to Mr. '.. & # 8221, Palada said in a Facebook post.
News from the capital of Absurdistan. & # 8222Dorel & # 8221 rehabilitates the Labor Market. Or:
Twice paved sidewalks, pointless changed curbs and destroyed green spaces. This is how we work on a project that costs 100 million lei. A reader captured unique images. If you look more closely at the picture, Dorel forgot a bench in the middle of the sidewalk and a pole in the parking lot. Dorele, do you want to become mayor ?!

Mayors of Absurdistan and their ideas
After the government introduced the tax on the pole, swimming pool and parking lot, the mayors of Romania did not let themselves be outdone, but wanted to prove that they also have an equally diabolical, even macabre imagination. Thus, the PNL deputy mayor of Târgu Mureş, Mrs. Ionela Ciotlăuş, announced today the tax proposals for 2014, proposals among which, in place of honor, is the funeral tax, amounting to 30 lei.

But let the dead not breathe a sigh of relief or rejoice, for they do not escape just that: to the tax they will pay for the simple reason that they were not smart enough to crack faster, is added the retention tax, time three days, of the coffin at the chapel, which increases from 28 to 50 lei, the tax on water needed for the frame of the tomb - increased from 12 to 20 lei and for the execution of the crypt - from 15 to 30 lei and even the tax on the partial occupation of the public domain, by storing construction materials - from 6 to 60 lei per square meter per day.

Once again, congratulations to USL voters. Like the rulers of the last 23 years. We have become a state without industry and without agriculture. We had no debts, now we have! We have become a state of social assistance, a poor man who has sold his industry and has not developed his agriculture and tourism and who has no other chance of survival than by inventing all kinds of taxes and duties. We live on 30% of Europe's mineral waters and instead of taking advantage of this, we will inject carcinogenic substances in the basement to extract shale gas exactly at Băile Felix, the only Romanian resort known outside & # 8230
How insulted was Ratiu who wanted to restructure the Romanian industry. The poor man said that: It is not through the privatization of restaurants and bars that dollars are coming, but through the privatization of big industry.

The head of the Danube Delta Environmental Guard was caught with about 50 kilograms of poached fish, including sturgeon.
What punishment does he deserve, so that other bosses lose the urge to steal from work?

The absurdist Gheorghe Bunea Stancu (58 years old) is of the opinion that, if his initiative had been adopted, the sick would no longer have to bother to get envelopes to fill and then, jammed, to put them in their pockets. doctors who treat them. Of course, in his mind the envelope is more expensive than the string itself!
In order for this gesture not to be shameful on either side, the patient would pay direct attention to the hospital cashier. In this way, the medical unit, which would take 20% of the money, and the doctor would also benefit. So the President of the Brăila County Council cares about the patient's shame.

Even though most people from Brăila are terrified and already think that they could end up in the situation of paying both the unpaid and the unpaid salary, and the doctors say that a better measure would be to increase their salaries, Stancu states that he submitted the proposal to the Ministry of Health and is waiting for an answer.
Ministry of Health, a consultation with a psychiatrist for Mr. can the president of the county council?
Like any self-respecting country, Absurdistan has its champions. Let's see who are the undisputed champions of theft.
As expected, the COUNTRY OF THIEVES AND PREDICTORS could not be elsewhere than where Ponta and Dragnea were voted.
Of the 62 criminal mayors, 22 are from Gorj, 16 from Dragnea's Teleorman, the man who brings the dead to the polls.

The social workers from the mentioned counties, LEADING IN THE THEFT CLASSIFICATION, from a numerical point of view, are much above the average of other counties. the receipts, however, are f.f. sMALL
Not coincidentally, Ponta and Dragnea, lifelong public servants, have fortunes that in a country with laws, they would have made in at least 10 generations.

The Ministry of Transport of Absurdistan has put in public debate a draft Emergency Ordinance to supplement Law no. 38/2003 on taxi and rental transport. Through this initiative, the executive proposes fines between 1,000 and 5,000 lei for drivers carrying hitchhikers.
This is while the authorized carriers (minibus races) do not issue tickets and, therefore, do not pay to the state the taxes due from the basic activity. If you ask for a ticket, the drivers laugh in your face and give you a whole pile & # 8211 they don't care, the games are done.
The Minister of Transport wants me to take whoever he decides in my car. Dude, is this my car or your car ?! I meet some friends at the Mall, at the train station, at an airport and take them home, hop fine!
God forbid you have pity on any poor man who is standing in the rain on the side of the street, old and scruffy, or even sick.
Is Absurdistan the first country where hitchhiking is illegal? And where does the government decide who I take with my personal car ?!
I propose to the Minister of Transport to first prepare some special notebooks, in which we can pass our wives, children, parents, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.
Of course, taking a hungry scramble from the street and helping him get home at no cost is too difficult for a minister to launch such an absurd aberration.

Overcoming the absurdity of such a measure, is it not a restriction of my rights and freedoms as a citizen who pay my petrol, taxes and duties correctly? I mean, I decide to take a family with me on vacation, some neighbors who go to the same locality and with that I break a law ?! Or I take a sick child to the hospital because his parents don't have a car, or many other examples. Or on the way to work I take three more colleagues from the route, because I know they don't have a car and I have room in mine anyway. Or do I travel to a monastery and take a few pilgrims in the car to help them, doing good becomes a fine of 5,000 lei in this country ?! Do we become liable to a fine if we help our fellow men ?! What are you doing in Romania, the senses of the nation ?!
I don't ask how the policeman proves that someone gave money and someone took it, I think it won't get here, people will jump in, it's already too much!

Let's get to know the people of Absurdistan.

Best wishes for the new year, with love from Absurdistan.

An absurdist MP, GHEORGHE COMAN & # 8211 arrested for corruption, is accused of receiving money and a bottle of whiskey in exchange for keeping in office a head of DSVSA Buzau & # 8211 was sent to trial by anti-corruption prosecutors ,

& # 8222To me to take what? What to take me? With three thousand lei, me? Yes what? Did he catch me? He's insane, me! Pi what? Am I going to take three thousand lei? Lord Mother of God! (n.o. - swears) I'm taking three thousand lei from a & # 8230 What the hell, me? We're serious people, me (laughs) & # 8221, according to the interceptions filed in the file by the DNA prosecutors.

Although in front of the investigative bodies, Coman did not admit that he tried to run away from the investigators, still in a telephone conversation, subsequent to the flagrant one, he stated that he left when the prosecutors tried to pick him up.

& # 8222 (& # 8230) I parked the car somewhere, you know? They came over me to give me, I don't know, I don't know what. I have it too. Yes, get out of here! I turned my back on him and left! Point! That's what happened. That you realize that if I took it or if he gave it to me, it was trouble! Understand? That's the problem! & # 8230 I told you in BUZĂU that I entered a game that I shouldn't have entered. I'll tell you! ”, said Coman, in a telephone conversation, intercepted by DNA prosecutors.
Coman then details how the events took place and points out that he was with & # 8222Mercul & # 8221 and could not have been caught by law enforcement.

& # 8222GHEORGHE COMAN: So. And I go to that store, I take the bottles, I take the water I take, I get in the car and he came. Understand? He appeared! He showed up in the parking lot where he was, with the DNA, with & # 8230 And get down to me, I mean, I was down a bit like that too, Get me these you need, you have and now I don't know what expenses & # 8230 Me, what are you talking about with me, with & # 8230 What & # 8230 Come count them! He, you know? Yes (n.o. - swear)
Gabi: & # 8230
Coman Gheorghe:
When I saw her, I got in her car and left. He threw them on the hood like that, you know? And when I saw that he threw them on the hood & # 8230Gabi: What car were you in? With the S? Coman Gheorghe: With Merţul & # 8230 Yes, with Merţul. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Yes, he didn't have to! I left, I parked where I should have been like that ", according to the interceptions present in the indictment of the deputy's trial.

& # 8222Gabi: You are! You really are smart! What the? Are you a variant?
Coman Gheorghe: Zi tu! And call me, don't you want us to meet? I've known him for four years! You don't want to meet? Come on! Let's meet, yes. And he wants to show me a blatant, in a place, at a Rompetrol, you know? Gabi: Yes! Coman Gheorghe: And I'm afraid I'm not avoiding you! And I went, pac-ţac, he kept calling me after that: Come on, sir, to Rom & # 8230. Now I've come to Parliament, I'm getting two bottles of wine & # 8230. Do you understand? fuck the thief! & # 8221, according to the act of notification of the court.

Not only the mayor general is sick, he is closely followed by the mayor of the sector.5. Robet NEgoiță.
Take the example of Unirii Boulevard in Bucharest. For a few months now, Robert Negoiţă City Hall, from Sector 3, has been carrying out a sustained assault here against the green space, the trees, the sidewalks and the parking spaces. The sidewalks are paved with tens of thousands of square meters of stone - it will be hell in the summer to pass by - the trees are embedded in tiny squares, covered with gravel glued with a kind of lake - they will all dry by the end of the year - the parking spaces are bordered by concrete curbs or stone pyramids half a meter high, just enough to push your bumper into them.
And the icing on the cake:

"How do we get out of this dilemma?"
Parliament, June 2010, motion of censure, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, speech:
& # 8222It's the first time I've talked about Victor Ponta, I took his child to church even though Victor Ponta has no God. I left PSD and the leadership of the Ministry of Interior because I refused to bring organized crime to the Government and Victor Ponta knows this well. (Camelia Badea & # 8211 Oprea: I took her child to church, although Ponta has no God & # 8211 ș

Romexpo, April 2014, MEP, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, speech:
"Precisely for this reason [!? & # 8230] I believe that Victor Ponta has the obligation to become the president of Romania so that Romania has a real change, a clear, irreversible and absolutely necessary for the entire Romanian society…" (AGERPRES)

Emergency meeting at the Ministry of Transport. Sova called for all necessary measures to be taken to ensure that the motorways designed by Ponta are not flooded. The map was placed in a safe place with the Bechtel contract. Simultaneously with this measure, PSD Cluj sheltered from flooding the panels with non-existent kilometers that were displayed at the entrance to the city of Cluj!
We learn that the Mitocan Misogin Ponta will pay a visit to the counties affected by the floods now that the water has begun to recede because it was too dangerous to be walked by boat through the 50 cm water. It is never known how ISU non-commissioned officers stumble and Mitoman reaches the water.
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16 news from the Romanian press in 2040

• Cioaca brought back to the Prosecutor's Office for hearings. Former police officer Cristian Cioaca, now 72 years old, was picked up by prosecutors from his room at the old people's home in Brasov where he currently lives

• Protests against the decision of the mayor of the Capital Sorin Oprescu jr. to demolish a historic monument office building from 2013 to replace it with a meat hall

• An employee of the National Journal received his salary. Unfortunately, he can't go and pick him up because he lives in Camp Road and the subway isn't ready.

• Inna does not get rid of bad luck! In the opening of the edition no. 78 of the Mamaia festival, the star stumbled over the nipple that had naughtily come out of her bra

• Chiricheş does not rule out a transfer to a top club abroad

• Patriarch Manuel officiated today the sanctification of Elodia

• Coach Adi Mutu, fired from the Dubai club

• Romania has extended the agreement with the IMF: "We have little left and we are coming out of the crisis"

• Radu Beligan talks to Metropotam: "I am dissatisfied that the actors in their prime are neglected by the big theaters"

• Romanians are abducted by sensational taste! Hayssam's swarm surpassed Dristor in receipts

• McDonalds accepts Dristor's proposal, the merger will take place, the new company will be called McDristor

• Romania is still waiting for the F16 planes promised by the Portuguese. They blame the Romanian Post

• The government decided that in Ilfov two points should be awarded ex officio to the BAC

• Cristi Minculescu feels excellent, after receiving the eighth liver of his career

• Peas, buried today. The hearse crossed the soul station of the former mayor

• The Curiosity robot again has problems with Martian gypsies who steal their wheel covers.

And readers' comments

Cabbage & # 8230 Cabbage & # 8230 16-05-2014 16:16
The owner of the Star declares for the 30 televisions gathered in front of his palace: & # 8222hehehe, I am the Warrior of Light and next year I will win the Shampions League! & # 8221

+2 # rifà din cart 16-05-2014 20:59
Today marks 20 years since the disappearance of Romanian football. panseluta panseluta announces that, although Steaua no longer exists, Regecampf can bring the group of shepherds that graze its flocks, at a competitive level for the new Champions League season.

+64 # ciucurel 16-05-2014 16:29
Victor Ponta was re-elected as Prime Minister and President of Romania. He promises that he is in his last term and that the time has come to leave the young generation as well!

+53 # Andrei 16-05-2014 20:37
Rather, Victor Ponta shot himself in the neck in an attempt to get rid of the parnaie

+12 # vale 17-05-2014 14:00
Who was Victor Ponta?

+105 # un galatean 16-05-2014 17:31
Officially, Braila was annexed to Somalia following a referendum held in Galati.

+92 # Peeetric 16-05-2014 18:20
Antena 3 blames Basescu for Mazare's death and Adi Mutu's dismissal. Ion Iliescu also becomes Romania's ambassador to the United States.

+125 # marcelp55 16-05-2014 18:20
And Florin Piersic? Did he finish what he had to say?

-16 # Ion Iliescu 16-05-2014 18:21
You forgot about your lover and also your current president, the one who brought you democracy. See you in the near future, and if I'm wrong I guarantee this in the not too distant future, only 2000 years

+9 # Sofronie 16-05-2014 18:34
Mihai Traistariu was appointed, for the fourth consecutive term, the ambassador of the gay minority in Romania. On this occasion, her husband, Fuego, admitted to the press that Mihai's hair transplant operation was successful, thus stopping the vicious speculations in the media.

+96 # vadim cel groaznic 16-05-2014 18:37
Vadim Tudor wins the Hungarian elections by a landslide

+86 # Gulie 16-05-2014 18:41
Mega Image exceeds the number of churches in Romania

+26 # golan 16-05-2014 20:10
but at the limit, the competition remains tight and the patriarch Manuel ordered that in the garden of each church to make another, smaller, neighborhood.

+3 # Gugulie 17-05-2014 00:09
And they're going to make a big Mega Image, the Nation's Supermarket by name.

+29 # Alexandru 16-05-2014 18:54
In the capital of Ukraine, Moscow, a handful of drunks and a few whores dressed in furs in the middle of summer chant for the autonomy of the Russian land. Nobody cares.

+18 # menTosane 16-05-2014 19:05
The Prigoana-Bahmuteanu couple started the preparations for the twelfth wedding. Both brides still hope to be the last.

+45 # menTosane 16-05-2014 19:11
March 2040. Amazing discovery in the west of the country. A county that has been missing for decades has reappeared on the map of the country. The 4 people found claim that it would be the legendary Salaj county.

+30 # daddy23 16-05-2014 19:27
dinamo loses the qualification in the champions league groups again :))

+13 # burlan 16-05-2014 19:34
Bianca Dragusanu has renewed her subscription on the Bucharest-Paris route and is happy with her four husbands and three lovers.
in 2040, the valve warranty will expire
Basescu's statue is still guarded & # 8230

+7 # luleaua neagra 16-05-2014 19:57
& # 8222In the context of signing the Act of unconditional capitulation of RUSSIA, after the bloody and destructive Romanian-Russian conflict (2014-2040) high political and military diplomats are expected in STREHAIA! Taraf TV, Mynele TV and Favorit will broadcast live the grandiose event. & # 8221

+26 # Paraipan 16-05-2014 20:10
Romania participates in the World Cup in Iceland (deh & # 8211 global warming!), As a guest, for the opening match. He will play against a team of 11 Dutch men, married in a group. Piţurcă expects a difficult match.

+20 # cefere 16-05-2014 20:23
train regio 5204 on the route oltenita & # 8211 bucharest was announced with a delay of another 40 years

+13 # Liviu 16-05-2014 21:53
Viorel Lis bought the Dona pharmacy chain that he wants transformed into Pakanele Butique.
Work has begun on the A4, Bucharest, with a total length of 2.5 km, the highway that connects the Balta Alba neighborhood with the Titan neighborhood!
Dead line: 5 years, with God's help!
The construction of the 4th cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation begins.
Winter has come. Authorities taken by surprise.
However, we have the fewest snowy highways in the U.S.
Only 3 & # 8230
Romania grants a non-reimbursable aid to the United States in the amount of $ 500,000.0000
Today the BNR exchange rate reached:
1leu = € 12,434
panseluta panseluta grants the pardon to Traian Basescu.

+9 # Maverick 16-05-2014 22:09
The well-known Firefox browser has released version 2415

+10 # X 16-05-2014 22:51
the star celebrates 54 years since winning the European Champions Cup

+1 # atentielaneatentie 16-05-2014 23:06
Pro TV was disbanded, Prima TV became the most watched television in Romania, and Antena 1 became its pansy rival.

+7 # ghobi 16-05-2014 23:45
Antena 3 and RTV have opened a studio in Moscow and DD broadcasts from Mars

+7 # and 16-05-2014 23:35
The President-in-Office of Romania, Ion Iliescu, signed the pardon decree of Adrian Nastase.

+4 # ghobi 16-05-2014 23:43
TNR wins the Pulitzer Prize and is nominated for the Nobel Prize for Comedy

+8 # Academicianul 17-05-2014 00:45
Dan Sova denies the existence of the future.

+2 # luci 17-05-2014 02:37
The percentage of young stelists reached 102% of the country's population

+4 # Alexandru 17-05-2014 08:14
In honor of Sova, a statue is finally erected.
It's called & # 8222 Monument of Stupidity & # 8221

+3 # ovilieb 17-05-2014 12:37
Paula Seling won Eurovision after Conchita died in a car accident two days before the competition. The last 26 editions were categorized by the Austrian Austrian with the name of Mexican.
Rapid players still hope to be paid.

0 # Victorius Poanta 17-05-2014 14:57
Two extra points at Bac? What the hell, do you want everyone to fall?
We will give them 6 points ex officio, and even so it is not certain that they will take too many Bac.
Anyway, the country needs bartenders and tinsmiths, not philosophers! Eventually, if he is still studying, he should get his doctorate only through copy / paste!

+3 # tu 17-05-2014 17:32
Total solar eclipse! Unfortunately this will be visible only on the territory of Moldova, Dobrogea and Muntenia & # 8230Oana Roman passed

+4 # Television 17-05-2014 17:40
It seems that after the 2014 Eurovision, many mentally ill men changed their sex.

0 # cetateanul 18-05-2014 02:36
Traian Basescu is going through the 17th dismissal referendum and we have to wait another year until the presidential elections, maybe we will get rid of him.

0 # OVILIEB 18-05-2014 11:43
After 26 years, BUG Mafia woke up drunk after the brandy reserves they took away in 2014, they ended up being paid in 20 l cans of Transylvanian brandy.

0 # supernam 18-05-2014 12:14
tnr moves its headquarters to the Cathedral of the Salvation of the Nation at the decision of Patriarch Daniel, the owner of tnr

0 # andy 18-05-2014 13:09
next week the appeal at the tender for the Comarnic-Brasov section will be judged

The political conflict took a comic turn in Botosani. The new PNL-PDL majority voted in the Local Council for the PSD deputy mayor to be dismissed and replaced by a PDL member. However, PSD did not give up, and the new deputy mayor was forced to set up his office in the street.
A wooden table, two chairs, a roll of scotch, a pen and, musai, the sheet on which the name and function are written. This is how the PDL member, who was voted by the Local Council as deputy mayor, organized his office.
He received people in the audience on the sidewalk, who took their steps. And he promised to study all the applications. Among them, problems with public lighting, street furniture and asphalt on some streets.
But the mayor does not agree at all with the change of the incumbent deputy mayor. Moreover, he says that until the Liberal Democrat can take over the seat of deputy mayor, several steps must be taken. The prefecture must validate the decision, but, in turn, the prefect awaits the decision of a court.
The county prefect says that the new deputy mayor cannot take office, because the vote in the Local Council that established the change was illegal.

Voting day in Absurdistan.
She voted, right!

In Absurdistan, at the vote, there are also perplexities and perplexities:

Kamikaze reporters report:
A voter from Teleorman had his vote annulled after he could not prove with documents that he is dead.

Because Ion Iliescu has not been heard from yet, the inhabitants of a village in Botoșani will all vote with Mihai Viteazul.

In several cities, PSD put into circulation electoral buses with the words "Retreat to Moscow".

And exit poll Kamikaze:

No more elections in Absurdistan, let's put aside Hamlet's questions about the tumultuous wedding between SRL BLAGA and SRL ANTONESCU.
We're going to the wedding in Caracal. Caracal of Absurdistan. We wish the bride and groom a STONE HOUSE!
Shy and uninformed young ladies: they don't wear a little purple anymore, or something new, something old and something borrowed. Black panties are worn in Caracal.

DNA prosecutors have started a criminal investigation against Alexandru-Adrian Sovar, investigated for bribery, aggravated theft and bribery. According to anti-corruption prosecutors, Alexandru-Adrian Sovar received a bribe in July 2013 of $ 600 from a person under criminal investigation for driving a car on public roads, under the influence of alcohol, to help him obtain a favorable solution in the case. criminal. DNA prosecutors also show that, on May 14, 2014, Sovar Alexandru-Adrian, during a recorded environmental dialogue in question, took the watch held by the whistleblower and refused to return it.
Who is Alexandru-Adrian Sovar, the watchmaker? Well, no one but the head of the Pantelimon City Police in Ilfov County, Absurdistan!
Is Dorel gone to work in Belarus, or does Belarus have her Dorelia ?! Here is Dorel from Belarus, knocking down a water tower with a chainsaw!

Broken competition for the PMP leadership.

The candidate for PMP leadership Daniel Petru Funeriu declares: Gentlemen, I am breaking away from PMP, I am interested in Romania's interest and future.
The counter-candidate Elena Udrea and the winner of the PMP leadership, declares that she does not break with either the PMP or Romania.

We notice that the candidate with the most resistant piece has been chosen & # 8230, it doesn't break, sir!
Dear passengers,
Fasten your seat belts, we land in Absurdistan. For more safety, if we fail a landing at the airport, rest assured, the aircraft is equipped with a fighter. Unlike those injured in the accident in Apuseni, we have someone to find us urgently!

Some places worth visiting. At least for the name!

Many of the localities in Moldova were named after the founder of the locality, who often had a strange name or even a bizarre nickname. Thus appeared localities such as Brosteni, Caciulata, iepureni or Gaureni.
Strange names are found not only in Moldova, but throughout the country, according to Below you have other localities with strange names, as well as where they are located.

1. Captain of the Pig (Brasov)

2. Amarastenii de Sus (Dolj)

4. Spermezeu (Bistrita-Nasaud)

9. Partestii de Jos (Suceava)

20. Cotofenii from the back (Dolj)

52. Curva (Comuna Bustuchin, Gorj)

53. Fundu` Moldovei (Suceava)

And the list of strange names of localities does not stop here, according to Other localities to which passers-by fainting are: Urlati, Saliste, Orasul Nou, Tantari, Pianu de Sus and Pianu de Jos, Buda, Vama, Beu, Cotofenii din Dos, Sacosu Turcesc and culminates with the localities Maciuca and Madulari.
Reporter tsunami55 transmits

In bed with & # 8230
I'm ringing the wedding bells through the political slum.
The usl-ist conjugal bed did not cool down well either, because the marriage seems to be rebuilt: a new consort was begged for the heir to the PSD.
But the lucky and righteous bride (for intimates - DiDi) makes a fuss: she would only give up her graces for a fee and would even like a prenuptial agreement to secure her future, if she were thrown back on "Political belt".
The claims would not be too high:
& # 8211 one ministry, two
& # 8211 some secretaries of state
& # 8211 some distracted
& # 8211 some prefectures and subprefectures
& # 8211 and & # 8230 other trifles (for his innocent whims).
The new consort would also like the new family to carry the USDD noble title, out of respect for the coat of arms of the House of Caracal.

We also inform you that the formalization of the marriage will take place at the Stone Cross, do not expect that in the atmosphere of political fornication in Absurdistan, the table will be honored by politicians with a reputation for big girls.

We are waiting for the event with the vote in the envelope: the electorate will again have a party.

Bride? She's not beautiful, she's old! The groom doesn't break down the door either. Impertinent, immature, beardless. We wish the bride and groom a stone house. With the bars on the windows.

Simulation and baccalaureate in Absrudistan

Pearls at the simulation for BAC 2014:

& # 8211 & # 8222Ion was in love with Florica at night because the day was too hot. & # 8221
& # 8211 & # 8221Ana was a boring woman, she didn't know how to attract Ion and she always took care of him. But he too was too obsessed with working the land, because he was a peasant in the true sense of the word and in addition he had a mistress. & # 8221
& # 8211 & # 8221If they also had a club in the village, a restaurant, something, to have fun, maybe they didn't argue so often and Ion didn't do it that way. & # 8221
Caragiale's characters were not understood by all the high school students either. Some see Mr. Goe as a fit child like Dorobanti's tricksters. Others consider him a role model.
& # 8222I liked Mr. Goe because he was concrete, bro, all those women around him were standing up when he opened his mouth. Not that my mother always scolds me. & # 8221
& # 8221I think the characters weren't so bad, but the author wanted to entertain us when we read his work & # 8221, a student writes about the heroes in the play & # 8221A Lost Letter & # 8221.


& # 8222Mr. Goe was a fit child, like Dorobanti's tricks & # 8221.
A good part of the pearls have to do with Facebook, after, in one of the Romanian language subjects, the students were asked to explain the role of social networks.
One of the students argued about the duality of the effects that Facebook can have.
& # 8222 & # 8216I received grade 4 in Romanian, because the teacher asked me a question from the lesson she teaches and I didn't know how to answer, because I hadn't been careful. I was on Facebook, having fun with my girlfriend. But a bad grade is better than losing my girlfriend. Therefore, Facebook has a positive role, but also a negative one & # 8221, the student wrote.
Another said that if he were after him, he would deny teachers the right to have a Facebook account.
& # 8222From social networks I found new methods to copy. But it seems that the teacher also has a Facebook account, that he got caught and gave me 2. I would forbid the teachers to create a Facebook account '& # 8221, he wrote.
& # 8222 I once said at school that I was sick and stayed home for a week, but I went on vacation and posted pictures on Facebook. The teachers found out because my envious colleagues did not keep their mouths shut and a big scandal broke out & # 8221, another student confessed.
& # 8222Social networks are like a refrigerator: it's nothing new, but we're still in it. They freeze our minds and make us stop thinking and become zombies. & # 8221
& # 8221 The tormented citizen: his physical appearance leaves much to be desired, but the mental one, although soaked in alcohol, still worked vaguely. & # 8221
& # 8222The narrative perspective in the quoted passage is non-existent. & # 8221
& # 8222The comma was used because it was put by the author of the fragment, Vasile Alecsandri, and therefore it must be there. & # 8221
& # 8222The narrator is omniscient, and the verbs used are in the first person. & # 8221
& # 8221 Verbs in the perfect simple tense are present to show us the future. & # 8221
To be or not to be. Dilemma in Absurdistan

Râmnicu Vâlcea is a municipality, county seat and the largest city of Vâlcea County, Romania. It has a population of 98,776 inhabitants. And it will soon have the most expensive public toilet, 73,000 euros. Facilities, great. According to the project, the 73,000-euro public toilet will have the best quality underfloor heating, tiles and tiles. The huge price is not the only problem. Two meters from this public toilet, there is another closet. The mayor says that he will start the construction because the feasibility study worth 26 thousand lei has already been done.
The local councilors of the government did not find the public toilet of 73,000 euros expensive and voted "for". The opposition is angry.
The mayor is still looking for his position, which is now between two boats. The amount seems enormous to him, he does not assume the work, but he does not want to stop it either. On the grounds that if it does not pay 73,000 euros, the mayor's office loses 26,000 lei, as much as the feasibility study cost. But he knows who set up the contract. The former mayor, who is now in jail for bribery.

Politicians of three parallels. I looked at studio sales, Râmnicu Vâlcea. Prices are between 14,000 Eur and 36,000, most cost 20,000 Eur. So you could buy four studios for the children who come out of the orphanages and the state throws them in the street. Politicians of three parallels.

Invitation to a romantic dinner.
I would not dare. Vlad Mixich, Minister Bănicioiu, does it: a romantic dinner in a hospital in the country, the rank of a county hospital.
I advise him, with all the promised romantic dinner, for the minister to put on some rubber boots. In some county hospital premises, the yard looks like this:

Of course, being a doctor, Mr. Bănicioiu will want to visit some salons. Don't look at the walls, they don't look like living room walls! And a gas mask and a fan, or at least a fan, would be very useful! Otherwise, if you are cardiac, you die for days, and it would be a shame to be so proud of your TSD!

Minister, what do you want to do now, take a shower? I hope you brought soap from home! Again, rubber boots would be useful so that you don't get your feet dirty from the shower. Here are the conditions:

But maybe Mr. Minister wants to use the toilet, you can, you have free! But you don't have toilet paper! Washing your hands after using the toilet? But in what country do you think, Minister ?!

I hope, Minister, that you washed your hands nicely, we will also visit a county hospital kitchen. You may say, why in that order? Well, what does it look like, does it matter ?! Do you realize what the shower is, what the bathroom is, what the kitchen is ?! If you still notice the differences, you can go inside. It would be a chance to leave the chair of the health minister to someone who can, will do something & # 8230

What does Mr. Mixich, clearly for those who want to understand:

The publication of a wave of images showing the misery that patients hospitalized in several public hospitals in Romania are obliged to bear led the Ministry of Health to announce, in February 2014, the launch of a “control action aimed mainly at verifying the hygienic-sanitary conditions and the establishment of an elementary standard of cleanliness ”.
At that time, in February 2014, according to data obtained by another control of the Ministry of Health carried out shortly before, only 7.7% of the country's hospitals did not provide the necessary cleaning products and only 2% of the hospitals did not have a program for performing cleaning and disinfection.
So on paper, as in the case of in-hospital infections, things were going very well. But if patients cannot photograph antibiotic-resistant microbes that haunt Romanian hospitals, they can photograph rats or beetles. And they were not shy to do so.
The control action of the Ministry of Health was pompously presented as a "broad" one, and Eugen Nicolăescu, then Minister of Health today chairman of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, stated decisively that "hospitals where there is no cleaning will be closed" . It was established that the corrective arm of the ministry should be the Public Health Directorates in the counties, the same ones that Eugen Nicolăescu had tried to abolish, without success, only a year before and which he had classified as "bureaucratic links belonging to the communist system". .


Minister Bănicioiu is not sitting in vain either!
The authorities in the medical system have published the result of the controls regarding the cleanliness and quality of the conditions in 347 public hospitals.
& # 8211 in 20 percent of cases found "inadequate hygiene"
& # 8211 in 32 percent of controlled hospitals do not have enough toilets that also have a "high degree of wear and tear."
Total fines: 24,480 Euro. I understand that fines are absolutely necessary for hospitals to have money to build toilets!
The activity of the Lehliu Gară city hospital has been suspended. It was as if the PSD was not the strongest voice shouting that the PDL government had closed hospitals & # 8230
One-fifth of the controlled public hospitals do not have local disinfection stations, the waste water cannot be discharged according to the hygiene norms.
& # 8211 wards in 37.3 percent of county-controlled hospitals are undersized and overcrowded. & # 8211 the number of toilets in the number of beds is not observed, as it also has a high degree of wear, in 34.3 percent of the total controlled units,
& # 8211 non-compliance with the functional structure and functional circuits for the food block in 9.8 percent of the total units controlled
In hospitals other than county hospitals:
& # 8211 does not provide the minimum area per bed, the salons being undersized and overcrowded in 32.8 percent of the total number of controlled units
& # 8211 does not comply with the functional structure and functional circuits for the food block.
I understand that the USL-bring-good government has done absolutely nothing to improve the serious situation in our hospitals, a situation that it criticizes in other governments & # 8230

Hey, hey, did you think it was a nightclub ?! Nuuu, it is the seat of the "young" Bishopric of Sălaj, for the construction of which about one million euros were raised from the state and the parishioners, it is lit, these days, in more and more bright colors.
Even if he has already proved that PPDD is just a clique of opportunists who give themselves as the wind blows, the chief clown of the PPDD party, Dan Diaconescu, gives himself either left or right, as his neuron moves . PPDD supports in the left territory represented by PSD, but DD announces that it wants to reach the second round of the presidential elections with the head of PSD, being the right-wing candidate. & # 8222The final will be between me and Victor Ponta & # 8221, he opined, in a telephone intervention, on Saturday night on România TV.
& # 8222I have been very happy for a few weeks since MRU (Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, leader of Forta Civica & # 8211, Neamtu (Mihail Neamtu, leader of Noua Republica & # 8211 And the other important leaders of the former PDL and PNL have announced that they want to run. The more people run, the better my chances of reaching the final. Romanians will have a real right-wing candidate, in my person, and a real left-wing candidate & # 8221, pointed out Dan Diaconescu.
DD wanted to specify that the agreement he is going to sign with PSD is related to local administrations, Parliament and governmental issues and he does not see a problem in running against Victor Ponta.
Where did you get them from, folks ?! How can you vote for such masks ?!

His Holiness, His Beatitude Daniel, took part in the consecration service of the new radio and Trinitas TV studios.
The big surprise of the audience came when the official guests saw that, instead of the usual bouquet of holy basil, the Patriarch preferred to sprinkle the walls with a roller probably soaked in aghiasma. Also called "Basilicum", basil is, as any believer rightly knows, a very important plant in the Orthodox Christian ritual. And this is because the bouquet used in the feasts and the sanctification of some places or things, is the bearer of the grace given by the priestly blessing. However, it is very possible that we, ordinary lay people, have no idea about the subtleties inscribed in the holy books. So we do not understand in any way, what could be the connection between the roll in question and the Christian ritual.

In reply, on Fb:
Popular Branch Movement France

Breaking news
Faced with the progressive manner of the BOR to sanctify houses, cars, telephones, etc. not with basil but with the roller, the cardinals of the Catholic Church decided to sanctify the houses with the painting pump. We are waiting for a reaction from His Beatitude (he also has why) Trafalet, the patriarch of the Romanian people!

DNA searches in Suceava and Rădăuți at judicial institutions, companies and homes, in a corruption case. Three magistrates, suspected of accepting eggs and chickens as bribes, brought to hearings in Bucharest.

That the magistrates were brought to Bucharest, I can understand. Searches at companies and judicial institutions to look for eggs and chickens taken as bribes ?!

Sandu Anghel made a fortune from the sale of stolen scrap metal from the old Ceausescu silos in Dragasani, Caracal and Slatina, from the CFR itself and from the irrigation system of the Olt river built during Ceausescu's time.

Subsequently, the family's business expanded into real estate, usury and luxury car traffic in the Bulgarian sector.

Even if he admits that he can't read, Bercea Mondial is the & # 8222 president of the Roma & # 8221 and has a driving license. Although he acknowledged this fact even in court during the trial, the magistrates from Slatina agreed that the prosecutors' request is unfounded, and Bercea can remain with the driving license. See Bercea's relations with magistrates with names in Justice and we will better understand why the request was & # 8222 unfounded & # 8221.

Over 100 criminal cases

& # 8222The King of Money & # 8221 was permanently a & # 8222subscribe & # 8221 of the police and prosecutors, with over 100 criminal cases being opened in his name. Strong relations in the world of justice and politics have saved him every time.

In the period 2001-2005, Sandu Anghel granted, in the form of an advance, goods and loans over 5 million lei, given that no commercial transactions took place between the companies managed by him and the beneficiary companies. For the crime of tax evasion, Bercea received only a criminal fine of 2,500 lei. Bercea was accused of withdrawing from the accounts of the managed companies, based on fictitious documents, the amount of 1.8 million lei representing salaries, amounts that he reintroduced in the financial circuit of the managed companies.

Also based on fictitious documents, Bercea Mondial raised from the accounts of one company a dividend of 200,000 lei, and from the account of another it raised over 300,000 lei, given that the companies from whose accounts it raised these amounts recorded losses per month. of the moon, according to Adevarul.

In 2011, however, Bercea Mondial would go to prison after a family scandal after which he stabbed his nephew.

Sandu Anghel was definitively sentenced in May of this year by the magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice to 8 years and 9 months in prison for aggravated murder.

In the same case, his son, Florin Anghel, called Ambassador, was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison. The Supreme Court admitted the defendants' appeals and reduced the sentences handed down a year ago by the Craiova Court of Appeal, the court that had sentenced Sandu Anghel to 10 years and Florin Anghel to 8 years in prison. The decision of the High Court is final.

& # 8222Bercea Mondial is a brand, a name in the business world and must be given the opportunity to assert itself in the business community as a leadership & # 8221, said, in court, one of Sandu Anghel's lawyers, who also stated that the notoriety of his client & # 8222 as president of the gypsies & # 8221 determines him to take into account all the conditions of provisional release and to respect them. & # 8222The giant brand & # 8221 didn't help him this time.

Strong relationships with the potential of the day

Bercea became famous in 2001, when he started to run large real estate businesses in Slatina and to appear with personalities from the center: Theodor Stolojan, Judge Maria Huza (former president of the Bucharest Tribunal), Lidia Barbulescu (former president of Supreme Court).

Theodor Stolojan christened Bercea a child & # 8211 on & # 8222Printisor & # 8221, Maria Huza also baptized & # 8222Judice & # 8221. The midwife for the little Judge, Bercea's son, was another magistrate, Sofia Mariana Mot, a judge at the Olt Tribunal, transferred since 2004 to the Commercial Section of the Craiova Court of Appeal, where she still works.

Gheorghe Brenciu & # 8211 who held the position of chief prosecutor at the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Olt Tribunal on & # 8222Televizor & # 8221. Gabriel Diaconu & # 8211, the former deputy mayor of Slatina and the former prefect of Olt & # 8211 Nicolae Gradinaru, also entered the pleiad of Cercri of Bercea Mondial, according to Gradinaru later denied the information.

In 2010, a name with a weight would be included in the undercover's list: Basescu. Mircea Basescu, the head of state's brother, baptizes Renata-Doinita, Sandu Anghel's niece.
OK, he bribed Mircea Băsescu, how did he convince the others to baptize their babies?

Not even the richest Romanian is allowed to sleep peacefully by DNA. Ioan Niculae, a businessman with a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars, his daughter, his ex-wife and a relative of his are being prosecuted for theft from money laundering and money laundering. The case was opened by DIICOT prosecutors as a result of transactions that were allegedly made for the purpose of evasion.
And I caught him with my duck in my mouth.
Last night, Gâdea presented to his gullible listeners a notebook in which Bercea Mondialul would have written down the amounts he would have lent to his debtors.
What about Bercea's statement that Bercea is ILLITERATE. A fact recognized by himself and by those in his clan.
In Absurdistan televisions lie!
Antena 3 headlines in big letters: Synthesis of the day: Traian Băsescu,ISOLATED in Europe. IMAGE OF BRUSSELS
Let's see how isolated it is.

PEARLS NATIONAL EVALUATION 2014. & # 8222The lyrical genre is when the author writes in verse, about his intimate experiences & # 8221, and & # 8222 the righteous new year wants to be in fact a virgin girl & # 8221. This is what some 8th grade students understood from the poem & # 8222Randuri pentru Anul Nou & # 8221, by Ion Minulescu, one of the subjects, the evaluation in Romanian.

Another child is puzzled: why did they receive a poem about winter in the middle of summer? The answer will probably never find out and even if it is funny, his comment is not found in the correction scale and will not be scored. & # 8222I don 't understand what a New Year' s poem is given to us in June! & # 8221 asked a student from Constanta, who did not like Minulescu 's poem.

Others believe that & # 8222 this poet was super in love with a woman he wanted to lure into his house and told him the New Year to mislead us & # 8221. There is also the belief that the lyrical genre is a soap opera, only that it is not filmed, it is written by writers on paper or in words & # 8221, & # 8222finite and feminine, like a lyre song & # 8221.

About the role of the comma in the sequence & # 8222Welcome, New Year! & # 8221, a student writes that & # 8222 is one of politeness, because he is preparing for the coming of New Year & # 8221, while a colleague of his sees the comma as fireworks which & # 8222 welcomes the new year & # 8221.

Anchored in the technological reality rather than in the school, a child mentions: & # 8222Two space-time coordinates can be the clock on the classroom wall and the compass application, from the students' phone & # 8221.

PEARLS NATIONAL EVALUATION 2014.And in Vaslui county were registered some memorable pearls at the national evaluation in Romanian, collected by the local daily Vremea Noua."A writer never came to our school, only the Police came, when he told us not to fight with children and never to steal our phones, because it is very ugly and you can go to prison for life. The writers didn't come to us, maybe I don't know, they didn't see me or they don't know where our school is ", answered a student from Husi to the request that asked him to relate a meeting organized by the school with a contemporary writer. "Contemporary writers are those who have not died yet, so meetings with them in school are possible," said another student, but from Barlad, at the same request.

Some of the children found hidden meanings in the evaluation topics: "The lyrical genre is found almost everywhere in this poem, so to mention only two features of the whole poem is a trick question." "I met Eminescu on the street in Barlad and he was very sad," wrote another student. And a colleague of his concluded sadly: & # 8222It can't be about the New Year, that is New Year's Eve. I think it refers to us, that if we don't take the exam, we will have another year in the 8th grade ".

PEARLS NATIONAL EVALUATION 2014. In grammar exercises, in a thesis the conjunction & # 8222si & # 8221 becomes & # 8222a small but important part of speech. But also a part of the sentence because you presented it to us in a sentence. More precisely in a sentence & # 8221, writes the same student.

The examples can continue with the discussion of empathy. Some people think that & # 8222 empathy actually writes when you are lazy to write sympathy & # 8221. & # 8222Children with empathy mean that they are cheerful and laugh a lot, without annoying the world & # 8221 is mentioned in another paper.

The Romanian is inventive, as we all know, but no one would have ever thought of that!

A citizen, named X, from Hunedoara County, received an unexpected response from the Tax Office after submitting his regulatory tax return:

"We are obliged to return your tax return with the request to review it and make the necessary corrections, because we cannot accept your answer from the PERSONS IN MAINTENANCE section where you have passed the Government, Parliament, local, county and state administration officials, as well as several million gypsies. ”

Cluj police confiscated over 800 kg of cabbage transported without documents of origin, following checks carried out in traffic, on Traian Vuia Street in Cluj-Napoca, informs
Police officers from the I.P.J. Cluj, 7th Police Station, carried out activities to prevent and combat illicit acts, being carried out traffic controls on Traian Vuia and Calea Dezmirului streets.
The driver, a 24-year-old man from Sălaj County, at the time of the inspection, could not present supporting documents related to the over 800 kg of cabbage transported. The cabbage was confiscated.

A judge from Rădăuţi was willing to exasperate a businessman who was claiming his property right. She extended the process by dozens of terms and asked the man to give up the part he deserved in a building. Do you believe the reason?
In exchange for this service, he was to receive as a reward a seven-day vacation at a hotel in Mamaia, for the second half of July & # 8230

The Minister of Interior, Gabriel Oprea, told the journalists, before entering the launching event of the presidential candidate Victor Ponta, that there are "approximately two victims" following the floods.
How to approximate it, by lack or by addition?

"We have, at the moment, a number of about two victims [U] who were drowned [/ U]. There is no other information that anyone else has died ", said the deputy prime minister, in Craiova.
So the victims drowned, didn't they drown ?!

Another Ponta government minister read good signs in the gusts of water.
"Water for Romanians is said to bring good luck to an event and I think it will bring good luck to the Prime Minister and PSD," said Mihnea Costoiu, Minister Delegate for Higher Education.

Liviu Dragnea also preferred to see the full side of the glass in the troubles of those affected by the floods.
"I am very positively charged because I was with Victor Ponta in several communes affected by the floods," said Liviu Dragnea.

The deputy prime minister also wanted water when he arrived, together with his colleagues from PSD.
"Olguţa, if you were the host, at least you could put some water on me, because I kept coming from the waters", the deputy prime minister added.

At the proposal of the Executive, the Buhuşi Local Council approved the granting of a 15 percent salary increase to all 144 City Hall employees for dangerous and harmful working conditions.
When allocating the increase, factors such as & # 8222the existence of activity conditions that produce premature wear of the body & # 8222 and & # 8222high physical exertion, in unfavorable conditions of microclimate, intense noise or vibrations & # 8221 were taken into account.
The local authorities from Buhuşi consider this increase absolutely justified, in the conditions in which measurements were made by a specialized company to determine the risk factors.
With the granting of the 15 percent increase, the salaries of the employees from Buhuşi City Hall will increase, on average, by amounts between 100 and 150 lei.

Do the patients hospitalized in Buhuși also receive these bonuses? That would be normal.
State institutions too busy with dwarf Maria, to deal with major embezzlements
Maria Tomescu is 72 years old and has been a widow for over 30 years. He never had a job because he lives in a town where no cooperative existed during communism. He only receives a survivor's pension.
How did Maria Tomescu receive a lion pension? According to the Severin Pension House, the woman filed a survivor's certificate in which too much money was written. So, after three years in which she received 50 lei per month, she was forcibly executed. From the three lei pension that he would now deserve, he pays 1 lei debit and 1 lei commission to the Pension House.
"We started to recover the amount of, at that time, 17 million 423 lei", says Elisabeta Floreșteanu, deputy director of the Mehedinți Pension House.
And the woman still has to pay to the state about 1,500 lei. At the rate at which the old woman can pay, the state has to wait another 125 years to recover the entire amount.
Statistics worthy of Absurdistan

No less than 15 of the 41 presidents of county councils are found in criminal cases or on the notice boards of the courts.

Mircea Cosma, the president of the Prahova County Council came to the attention of the DNA prosecutors, in January this year. He is accused of supporting a criminal network of tax evasion in the county.
Prosecutors reached out to him after arresting a former government adviser. His children are also being investigated in the case: the daughter of a notary and the son of a deputy.

Nicusor Constantinescu is in his third term as head of the Constanţa County Council and has collected three criminal cases. He is currently in the United States for medical treatment. An arrest warrant was issued in his name.
The former president of the Argeş County Council, Constantin Nicolescu, was close to a final sentence in the corruption case, when the supreme court decided to retrial the case.
He had been sentenced in the first instance to 3 years and 4 months in prison.

Constantin Nicolescu, a file prepared by the National Integrity Agency for conflict of interest, ended in February this year. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the integrity inspectors. In a third case, also of corruption, in which the damage is 1 million euros, Constantin Nicolescu was sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison. However, the sentence is not final.
Criminal case for Liviu Dragnea

Liviu Dragnea, Deputy Prime Minister, he led Teleorman County for three terms. On the last hundred meters at the head of the county council, he was elected with a criminal record. Dragnea is accused of using his position as party leader to orchestrate the fraud of the 2012 referendum to oust President Traian Basescu.
The president of the Dolj County Council arrived at the end of last year at the first meeting with the anti-corruption prosecutors. Ion Prioteasa is accused of rigging several public auctions. The criminal investigation started after the prosecutors went down both in the county council headquarters and in his house.

Marian Oprişan Sent to court in 2006, the leader of Vrancea County is waiting to receive a first sentence in the case. Prosecutors accuse him of illegally awarding contracts with the state, the damage being estimated at 2 million euros.

Gheorghe Bunea Stancu, it is not the first contact with anti-corruption prosecutors. He was accused of illegally financing Mircea Geoana's campaign and asking billionaire Ioan Niculae for one million euros. He was acquitted in the first instance, but prosecutors challenged the decision.

Florin Ţurcanu, was sued by DNA prosecutors on charges of intellectual forgery and use of forgery, for acts committed during his time as a deputy.

The president of the Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba, was sued for abuse of office and forgery. DNA prosecutors accuse him of illegally ordering the settlement of almost 2 million lei in favor of a construction company, for the rehabilitation of a county road.
Problems in Sibiu and Cluj

The president of the Sibiu County Council was sent to court. Ioan Cindrea he is accused of conflict of interest, after, during his time as a deputy, he hired his wife in his parliamentary office.
Ioan Cindrea challenged the ANI decision, and the appeal is now being tried at the Supreme Court. The president of the Cluj County Council, Horea Uioreanu, now suspended from office, was sent to court for taking bribes, forging documents under private signature and money laundering. He has been under arrest since May 29.

Adrian Duicu, head of the Mehedinti County Council. DNA claims that it trafficked influence right from the Government headquarters.
In fact, the file contains the names of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea and the head of the Romanian Police, Petre Tobă, a witness in the file.
Anti-corruption prosecutors say they are just some of those used by the PSD baron of Mehedinti to achieve his goals.

The president of the County Council, Adrian Ţuţuianu, Dâmbovița, is also in the DNA's sights. Prosecutors suspect him of illegalities during the election campaign for the 2012 local elections. The information can be found in the file of PSD parliamentarian Ion Stan, who is also being investigated for influence peddling.
The president of the Bacău County Council, Dragoş Benea, is also in the DNA's sights. Prosecutors are checking several public works contracts with European funds managed by the Bacău County Council in recent years.
The vice-president of the Bihor County Council, Alexandru Iosif Francisc Kiss, is also being prosecuted. When he was president of the council, prosecutors say, he allegedly received a bribe from a businessman to help him get more land in Oradea. Moreover, Alexandru Kiss is also accused of money laundering and abuse of office.

The president of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, Paul Jurgen Porr, says that they will support Klaus Johannis in the fight to win the autumn presidential elections.

& # 8222The forum unconditionally supports him in his election campaign. I say this from the German Democratic Forum. & # 8221
Nice, but it seems that the president of the forum forgot about the protocol with PSD & # 8230

& # 8222After, the other day, I spoke with the vice presidents by region and they all agreed. A few months ago, I said that we are not a PNL trailer and I told our voters to go to the polls, but not to vote with an anti-European party. Even now we are not a trailer of the PNL. We vote for Klaus Johannis. On the other hand, we have a protocol signed with the PSD and the local agreements. & # 8221

So the man is supported by the presidency, not the party. It doesn't matter that the man is running on the PNL lists, on the ACL lists, the man is being voted, not the party. It's too much even for Absurdistan & # 8230
From the well of politicians' thinking

Says Johannis: & # 8222 We must have a president who understands that it is not his role to lead the Government effectively, but to have visions and to create a space for the realization of visions. & # 8221

I said it was from the well of thought, Mr. Johannis! Can you explain to us how you create the space for the realization of visions when the government gives a coup d'etat, an amnesty or directs Romania to mother Russia?

Tuesday night, on B1 TV. Elena Udrea specified that she found out only last week that Diaconescu was one of the 322 parliamentarians who voted for the suspension of Traian Băsescu in 2007, the former presidential adviser being then a PSD senator. But where were you then, dear lady ?!

& # 8222No, I didn't know when I proposed it. If I had thought about it, if my colleagues had thought about it, if we had thought about it, we would have researched and found out that it was in & # 8216322 & # 8217. We didn't think, we found out last week.
If you are telling the truth, although I have great doubts that you are telling the truth, you are a weak party president (although I see how skillfully you blame others), and the promised party, OTHERWISE like the other parties, it's just a promise to the naive.
Quoted from the instructions of the PMP's communication department to the party's message bearers: "It was a high-level meeting between two presidents of Romania, between the current President of Romania and the future President of Romania. It was almost a historic moment: I saw more naturally than ever a relay delivery ". Mother Omida, like you weren't a party member & # 8230

Knowing that he owes it to a dentist, Judge Bogdan Bărbuță promised the doctor that he would help him win a lawsuit. The meetings between them were considered "appointments", and the bribe consisted of a free descaling.
With all the interventions, and with all the detraction, the doctor lost the case.
Judges cheaper than whores?
The Prime Minister of Romania, Mint-inspir-mint-expir, signed on Thursday a Government Decision according to which the amount of 6,000,000 lei will be allocated from the budgetary reserve fund for three cult units: Iaşi Diocesan Center, Nicula Monastery, from the county Cluj, and Tismana Monastery, from Gorj County.
Did faith fade him?
So, on the eve of the election & # 8230

If you don't understand: Somewhere in the deep south of our country, the fence of a cemetery is thermally insulated! Not to catch the dead & # 8230

Interview with the Minister of Education, Remus Pricopie:


Attack on prohab
We arrived and on the seventh day of the campaign Capriela Vrînceanu Firea, from the height of the position of spokesperson of the campaign of the presidential candidate Victor Ponta, jumped to attack the main opponent, Klaus Iohannis. The attack did not target the program, which he probably did not even read, but the prophet (the expression belongs to the master Ion Cristoiu).Ms Firea reproached the ACL presidential candidate for not having children, and in her opinion this "deficiency" excludes him from the category of good family man and candidate for President. The esteemed Mrs. Firea escaped the statements of Klaus Iohannis, in which she stated sadly, some time ago, that a physiological problem prevented him from entering the role of father.
A few lines below, Mrs. Firea gave President Iohannis the solution: adoption. We do not know and it is not relevant why Mr. Iohannis did not adopt a child, but we believe that it was not Mrs. Firea's job to suggest this.

Candidates present themselves:

Prosecutor Victor Grigoraş, from DIICOT Tulcea, was detained on Wednesday by DNA investigators and is to be taken to the supreme court with a proposal for preventive arrest for a period of 30 days, for taking and giving bribes.
Prosecutor Grigoraş was working on a case targeting economic crimes, and an animal farm and its administrators were being investigated.
He should have seized more animals from this farm to recover the damage in the case, but he did not take this measure, receiving a sheep as a bribe instead.
Clearly, the prosecutor is from Absurdistan. What breed is a sheep?
The election campaign is over. The weakest candidates in the history of elections are asking for our vote.
Romanians also vote.

From the well of a senator's mind:

"It has reached a stage. However, some dignitaries are working in that Senate. Did you go to the toilets upstairs to see that there was no soap and toilet paper? Have you looked at the cars we usually drive? And, wait a minute, we don't all have senators in a car. It's a dispatcher car we're taking, and we're waiting in the Senate bar for half an hour, an hour, so we can go home. And if we don't have a car, we take a taxi. Does it seem normal to you to go by taxi? And I'm not talking about paying, but I'm talking about the security of the dignitary ", said Cristiana Anghel.

Regarding the toilet paper, it's good that you explained it to us, Madam Senator.
As for the cars, well, the method was invented by which two or three senators can get in the same car. That's not called a crowd, madam.

Palilula, my love or the internet without computers

70 children study at the school in the village of Palilula in Dolj. They have never seen what a computer science, chemistry or biology laboratory looks like.

"We have the Internet in school, in the office, but not having a specialized computer room, we can only use it, the staff," says Paula Ţuină, mathematics teacher. In theory, the situation is better in most schools in the village. 70% of them have computer labs. But they are not used at even 10% of capacity, according to a recent study

From the well of thought of a former president:

"I think it would be healthy for the current Opposition, for the current Right, for the great and new PNL to take over the government immediately, not later, but not sooner," Crin Antonescu said, according to

The big and new PNL is still an ostrich-camel, which it is not known how it will work on the buttons, being formed by the union of two parties that had relations like the dog with the cat before the union. but the one with no earlier is impossible, Mr Antonescu. As for the current right & # 8230 it takes a lot of indulgence to name the right PNL and party.

"In two or three or four years, five years, Mr. Klaus Iohannis will be able to win another term, but he will not have this chance for freshness from now on.", believes Crin Antonescu.

Marian Dragomir, Facebook
2 mins · Bucharest ·
The Capital City Hall solved all the city's problems and decided to invest in a museum of communism. Probably Oprescu will offer us for contemplation the dental plaque of Ion Iliescu, the eggs of Adrian Nastase while from the souvenir shop attached to the museum we will have the honor to buy the same brand of popcorn scented by & # 8222Puie Ponta & # 8221 during the elections lost to score & # 8230
& # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230.It doesn't hurt!

& # 8222Mr. Ion Iliescu is 84 years old. He has no children, no future plans. People call us communists because Mr. Iliescu is coming, he is sitting to the right of the PSD leader. Mr. Iliescu is there as a symbol.
It is not true, I am sorry, but between the generation of Mr. Ponta, 42 years old, and that of Mr. Iliescu, 84 years old, there is a difference of technological, emotional and value changes. We can no longer live with the values ​​of Mr. Iliescu & # 8221, Sebastian Ghita told Romania TV.
We put it to the right of the PSD leader ?!

& # 8222He had the times of dance, we can't live (& # 8230) assuming the values ​​of dance. We do not want to be poor and honest. We do not want to share poverty equally. We want competition, to give young people a chance. There is nothing personal or wrong about Ion Iliescu, but he is 84 years old, good people!
May your mother be there, the poverty you want to share. You're still struggling, I think it's visible from the moon!
Terrible confusion: if you don't want to be poor and honest, how do you want to be? Rich and thieves?
Initially, after counting the votes, the request to approve the arrest of the deputy Cătălin Florin Teodorescu had been approved.
Then, the deputies realized that they did not count well and proceeded to a new count. There was a real upheaval here.
With 146 votes in favor and 101 against, the quorum required to approve the arrest was not met.
Do you also say that Athanasius counted the votes?

The inhabitants of a commune in Olt have no running water, no sewerage and no asphalt streets. Instead, they have six parks, a synthetic football field and plastic palm trees, according to Digi24.
As soon as you enter the commune of Cungrea, the first park comes your way, arranged during the mandate of the former mayor. Six were made, in total, with 800,000 lei. Meanwhile, the banks have broken down and weeds are growing everywhere, and the former mayor has filed a criminal complaint in his name.
The former mayor also bought four plastic palm trees to beautify the parks. Meanwhile, two arrived at a company, on account of a debt, and another two at a former nursing home.
The mayor who bought a synthetic one for the sports field did not like the natural turf either. Another 700,000 lei for which the dust was chosen. Currently, the fence is destroyed, the animals enter and walk freely. However, the big investment is the concreting of a riverbed. A solution chosen instead of a bridge, more expensive.

"Today is one of the happy days for drivers passing through Cungrea commune because the river level is low. When the flow increases, no car can pass by here ", transmits the Digi24 correspondent Elena Alexandru.

Vegetable garnish in white wine sauce, a delight

You will never have too many types of vegetables when you prepare one vegetable garnish. So, the rule is this: the more, the better.

3 chicken breasts
3 potatoes
1 carrot
1 onion
200 gr peas
200gr mushrooms
200 gr corn
5-6 bunches of cauliflower
5-6 pieces of broccoli
The root of celery
2 tomatoes
1 bell pepper
1 glass of wine

The chicken is prepared in the traditional method. Season the tops with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and basil and place on the grill. Turn on both sides until well penetrated. In the meantime you have to take care of gasket of this vegetables.

Vegetables must be prepared. Onions should be chopped and put in a pan in oil or butter. The potatoes will be peeled and cut into cubes. It must be boiled in a pot of water because it is much harder to penetrate than other vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes, celery, mushrooms and peppers should be chopped into cubes as small as possible. When the onion is hardened, add the tomatoes and mix well. If the tomatoes do not leave enough juice, you can add half a glass of water. When the potatoes are only half cooked, they can be added together with peas and corn along with the other vegetables. Let all the vegetables boil together until absolutely all are penetrated properly.

Pictures of boil

Boiler With Ads on Add new ad. My account. Recently selected: Choose location: + 0 km 0 + 0 km 0 + 2 km 2 + 5 km 5 + 10 km 10 + 15 km 15 + 30 km 30 + 50 km 50 + 75 km 75 + 100 km 100 Search in description . Only with pictures. Delivery via OLX available Filters. Category. Choose category. Price. from. to Pictures with genital diseases - hello! I have an infection with genital herpes I use aiclovir but I would like to know if there are other stronger drugs or that can stagnate it for a longer period..multumes Pictures on Google Images for this word: Google Images. Boil is composed of 4 letters. Boil intors: liob. The word starts with the letter: b, and ends with the letter: l. Being made up of 4 letters, this word is small. Only with pictures. Delivery with check available Filters. Category. Choose category. Price. from. up to. Reset filters. Delete Saved Save search. Save your search in order to receive notifications when new ads appear that meet your criteria. Over 40,000 offers of medical products, equipment and devices, offered by the over 2000 partner medical companies, are updated daily on ROmedic - the largest online medical market from Romania

In a bowl, mix the beaten milk with the egg and vanilla. Add the rain sugar, mixing further, then add the flour with the salt and the baking powder. - Appetizer recipe: Blueberry muffins by Can't boil an eg Pictures of sexy girls who want online dating. Join now to get in touch with them! - no need to describe pictures :) I'm a friendly girl, funny joke. Hi, so let me describe myself: I am no longer a deserter to lie or conquer on these sites.

Boiler Cu - OLX.r

  1. TIMISOARA. Good news comes from the open site for a connection with Drumul Boilor, which will make life easier for drivers traveling between Timisoara and Mosnita. READ ALSO: The largest island on the Bega is being redeveloped and the picket at the lock at Sanmihai is being rehabilitated. Another step, near Timisoara, towards the opening of navigation on the canal to Serbia After years of procrastination from.
  2. she testifies. He was already used to receiving pictures from his ex. I'm crazy about you, brother.
  3. Pictures tagged with oxen by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of oxen and other tags associated with them

Forum about pictures with ball cocks. I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 phone, AND with the back camera it takes good pictures, but with the one I don't like at all, it makes them so blurry, and with many pixels the one in front, and I looked at some pictures taken with S5 ALSO WITH THE FRONT CAMERA, AND I FOUND THAT THOSE ON THE NET ARE MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL Since .. The most beautiful guys with pictures are on Come on in! - I am looking for a girl for discreet dates I am a shy person at the beginning of the dialogue Playful, childish, bad, I love fun I hate boredom, I am very ones Reply to: Reply to: Reply to: Reply to: 4kw boiler installation with boiler hougy View post Regarding electric radiators I was convinced last winter when I paid 1300 ron in 2 months

Pictures of genital diseases - Doctor's advice

The street lighting also worked all day. The locals also stayed with their light bulbs in their houses and say they have never seen the city like this before. Many of the images from San Francisco were posted on social media with the hashtag Blade Runner 2020, after the famous SF movie Memorable pictures with cats, which will make you laugh at every opportunity (Photo Gallery) I wrote so many things about cats, and so on many more are still to be mentioned, so we don't think we'll finish right (and we don't want that either!): they are lace and tender, restless or too good-natured, full of energy or too lacking. pictures children Lidia Buble has had a relationship with the director Razvan Simion for more than two years. However, their idyll created a huge scandal, because the morning show on Antena 1 was married to Diana, the woman who stayed with him for more than 15 years and gave him two children. September 26, 2018 - Explore bancosi's board Pictures of children on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pictures of children, Children, Pictures of children Find now your favorite recipes and in our book Top 50 recipes Step by Step, the first book in Romania with recipes presented in detail with PICTURES on STEPS, a real visual guide easy to follow during cooking process. The book can be found in the partner bookstores of Curtea Veche publishing house, or online here

On this site you will find nude pictures with children. pictures, nude, with, child, Similar: pictures of single girls dambovita, pictures of men england 40 years old, pictures of girls suffering from love, woman 40 pictures, dating romania with pictures braila name Calendar of the year, project supported by Prima TV stars Starting with in 2011 I completely changed my direction in terms of raising pigeons, moving from recreational pigeons (ornament) to traveling pigeons. The pigeon sport with racing pigeons seems to me the most complete, the racing pigeons have given me much more satisfaction than the recreational pigeons have managed in all these years. Free for commercial use. No assignment required. Do what you want (CC0). Beautiful pictures - PxHer I have a house of 250sqm habitable. I want to buy my 35kw immersion condensing boiler. I don't really understand the difference between a boiler with a boiler and an instant one, apart from the price difference. If someone can explain to me to make a good choice, I specify that I have 2 toilets and 1 kitchen, 3 people. We mix the above ingredients and we get a salad that looks delicious. - Appetizer recipe: Appetizers with tuna salad by Can't boil an eg

.ro at the PROMO price of ONLY 0.00 lei! The best price for the product Built-in induction hob Gorenje IK640CLI, Power Boost, Boil Control PICTURES with children. Whether it's theirs or not, some are hit hard when they receive a baby in their arms and feel the need to do dozens of PICTURES with he, with who murders everyone. I have written about this before, there are limits to embarrassment, decency and choice here. Nobody says not to put at all PICTURES with baby, he says don't put 200.

Boil, Translation - What does it mean from English in

  1. You can see pictures of Bulldog dogs, from the ads for sale English Bulldog, English Bulldog mating, Bulldog dog donation from The ads with purebred dogs are submitted by dog ​​or kennel breeders from Romania. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged
  2. Photos with expiration date and new filters for photos, from Facebook November 1, 2016 Comments are closed for Photos with expiration date and new filters for photos, from Facebook. Facebook introduces new options for the mobile app's camera. Users will be able to use a number of filters and masks.
  3. The funniest pictures with children and animals! Here you will find funny pictures with children, funny pictures with animals, funny pictures with dogs, funny pictures of cats, funny pictures with writing, funny pictures of babies, funny pictures of celebrities, funny pictures
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  5. RECIPE step by step with pictures from the preparation here Don't fill the peppers completely, leave an cm because the composition will be great to boil and we don't want them to kick out! In the 100 ml oil, we roast the peppers just enough to catch a little color, then add them to the pot. (Mention that I use smaller peppers for this soup)
  6. In this category you will find all the theater, dance and opera performances in Bucharest. Each show has a short description, date, time and location, as well as a poster or photo gallery

The more pictures and the clearer, the better we could realize the unfavorable factor of the plant. From what you describe, the conditions offered are good. However, make sure you give the plant enough water. Also, if you notice pests, take a picture of them.Thank you. One day he woke up with a crooked mouth and a damaged eye that he could not close. , and that orelist doctor decided to hospitalize him in that ward. He was hospitalized for 9 days in that ward, although he had nothing in his ears, for a treatment. And after each cut, wipe the blade with a napkin. I don't have very nice pictures of the section, because I took them in a hurry, in the evening, without good light. And I didn't even have a slice the next day, because I immediately shared it with relatives, neighbors and friends. Boil water and sugar for 1-2 minutes, then let cool. When cold.

Antonia lowered her hat for pictures and explanations Bring back to a boil (with approximate dimensions and not very strict). I took into account the mentioned cooking time (6-7 minutes) but the recipe I used belonged to other authors (with full rights). Anyway, always tasting, I can say: â YES the producers were right. Pictures of Anya Pencheva, photo gallery Anya Pencheva with 6 pictures, picture Raffaello candies - recipe and pictures step by step - I suggest you try a recipe for homemade candies, the famous Raffaello candies, homemade, very good and without.

Bacterial skin and soft tissue infections are a common problem in clinical practice, with approximately 14.2 million visits to the family doctor being seen annually in the United States (1,2). Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes (group A β-hemolytic streptococci) are the most common etiological agents of ICTM. a food frenzy came out. I'm very excited, especially since it was easy to do and didn't take long. So I will recommend this recipe further to attract other people to a healthier lifestyle World War II Part of Top left, clockwise: Chinese forces during the Battle of Wanjialing, Australian cannons during the first battle from El Alamein, German Stuka planes dropping bombs on the Eastern Front in the winter of 1943-1944, American naval forces in the Gulf of Lingayen, Wilhelm Keitel signing the act of German capitulation, Soviet troops. I selected the Fry function, with 5 minutes of hardening. After the vegetables are browned, add water and select the Boil function. Close the lid and prepare the meatballs. We put them in the pot to boil. Add salt and simmer for about 20 minutes. Separately boil the borscht with a little salt, then add it to the pot Gorenje ECT61SC built-in hob is quite interesting considering what it offers at such a price. I am referring to the control panel with touch buttons, black glass surface and Boil Control function. Let's not forget the child protection function that is required for those appliances with touch buttons, because it locks them

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Boilar Cu - - page

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  • Babeș-Bolyai University is today the oldest, largest and, in many ways, the most prestigious university in Romania
  • He graduated from Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Letters, Romanian-French department. In 1996 he made his media debut. He has collaborated over time with several media institutions, including Ziua, România Libera, Europa FM, Radio 21, Radio România, Mediafax, NewsIn, Realitatea TV. In 2011, the year he founded Timp Online, he received the distinction.
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Skin diseases - romedic

Autumn flowers - I'm sorry there aren't more. I don't know what happened to the aster this year, because out of countless bushes, only a few have blossomed. She knew he was resilient. We had a lot of cosmos, quite a lot. Now I only have two shades of red. The others (especially the white one I kept looking for and waiting for) I think they got lost in the drought. Keto cake with almonds from Ikea. to make my Ikea almond cake (recipe here) in the keto version :) It was super simple, I just had to replace the sugar with a natural sweetener and use a dark chocolate without sugar. A good keto cake with almonds, I had no patience.

Birthday calculator Find out when the stork comes, when the baby is born I still can't boil an egg. We find ourselves in a new house, on the new domain of the blog, with a new interface, new recipes and pictures that I hope will delight all your senses! All this time I continued to cook, but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. 156 Restaurants in or near Kitchener - Locations with address, pictures, phone number, reviews and full menu with prices

Stuffed eggs decorated with hearts made of sour donuts, for Valentine's Day. You can find the recipe here. I pass on Leapsa to Gabriela, Laura Adamache, Sorina, Flori, Otilia and Marcela: Start with something fried or boiled, so as not to risk stomach pain. Local food is half the trip for me (but chosen with my head down, and with some probiotics taken before the trip). The rule with food, at least at the beginning is: fry it, boil it, peel it or forget about it

Blueberry muffins, Petitche recipe

Grease with oil a shape of 23cm x 23 cm, and cover it with baking paper, which we also grease with oil. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, mix the sugar, 375 ml of water and lemon juice, and put it on the fire, stirring until the sugar melts. We introduce a caramel thermometer, if we have one Today I finished the plans and the necessary materials for a small mill with hammers that I want to use to grind malt and maybe other cereals. In a few days I hope to be able to take pictures with her. Kettle volume at beginning of boil: 280 l (75.0 gal.) Kettle gravity at beginning of boil: 1,048 (12 ° P). One of the best cake recipes ever invented is known, in parallel, under all the names in the title, from the German cremeschnitte - pie with cream, the Hungarians call it kremes and krempita is the term that names the same delicious cake on the territory of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. This time, it came out to me as seen in the picture above, but it is.

BOILGUARD lid, Wine accessories. Wine accessories: Online or telephone orders at at home! Order picking schedule from OUR HEADQUARTERS: Mon-Fri 11-12 and 15-16.30 Beekeeping and beekeeping in Romania, beekeeping, bees, honey. Section for pictures, where you can upload different pictures that have beekeeping as a subject. , boil, fry, onion, potato, eggs. When we color, it's not only red-green-yellow, but also red-green-yellow Lately I've been photographing any kind of flowers, popcorn, pots, bouquets, nature :) .. luckily I have a new laptop, and I'm not charging it with pictures :). Leapsa. Can't boil an egg 23 November 2011, 18:02. I came back with some pictures (from my Instagram account) with other fruit ideas in / over overnight oatmeal. Overnight strawberry oatmeal. Overnight oatmeal with raspberries. Overnight oatmeal with bananas. Overnight oatmeal with kiwi

Pictures of girls - Nude Girls Pictures - Sympathetic

A classic dessert reinterpreted in the keto / low carb variant :) False keto gray. The consistency is extremely similar to that of the original, and if you use coconut fat, natural sweetener with caramel flavor and a quality sugar-free jam, you have a delicious dessert very comforting and guilt-free :) Click on ingredients to be redirected to the Selfita store, a mental illness? The truth about people who are obsessed with this type of pictures Lately, a news has been circulating on social networks that the American Psychiatric Association has classified as mental illness the obsession of some people to take selfies. According to a news item originally published by The Adobo Chronicles, this disease n And to move on to food, I can tell you what is planned, hopefully everything will turn out well and come back with pictures: spinach salad, arugula, feta, cranberries and nuts, baked chicken (instead of turkey, because it was too big for 4-5 people), mashed potatoes, cherry sauce (instead of cranberry sauce), leek filling and mushrooms (first time. Clover Dana is on FacebookSign up for Facebook to connect with Trifu Dana and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and make the world more ..

Lime Flowers is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Lime Flowers and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and make the world .. Easter with Cow's Cheese. Put boiling water in a pot in which 1-2 tablespoons of oil and as much salt are added. After the water starts to boil, turn on the heat slowly and put the pasta (this time my guys really wanted spaghetti), don't forget to stir since Pai I say to see pictures of the monster I'm really curious. There was someone else with a 3 groups in the living room, I think also on the forum. Why not? ) Honestly now I don't know how thermally stable the S5 is, the truth is that I never buttoned an LS, but just yesterday I tasted a goodness of Seasonal Blend, Sweet Shop from Square Mile on a Rocket DB Although a kind of tone it also grows in the Black Sea, we rarely serve tuna steak, and the price of this fish with such a juicy meat is not exactly low. For barbecue, tuna meat is as valuable as beef, with which it is often compared. Servings: 2 Preparation time: 30 minutes (plus 1 hour for marinating. .Ro offers a wide range of built-in hobs. We offer electric hobs, gas hobs or induction hobs. family

The latest images from the construction site of the connection with Drumul Boilor

I wrote about tapas here, here, here. And I wrote in other places. Read the links, please, if you don't know what they are and how they come. Today I want to show you a recipe / story that started from a tapas thought and ended up on a plate with (maybe too much) stuff on it. It wasn't bad, the tastes were in harmony, but after I made it and ate it, I did. 8197 recipes with specific Romania: Belly soup, Fluffy donuts, Cherry cake, Biscuit cake with banana cream and caramel, Belly soup, restaurant recipe Yogurt and berry tart After the success of the yogurt tart and apricots, I had to try the composition with yogurt and other fruits. I stopped at berries, after initially thinking of trying the tart with the few plums that have already ripened in the tree in our garden. The weight of the shells will be equal to the weight of the added sugar. . I had this operation in the evening, before going to bed (which is why I forgot to take pictures). I boiled the shells in water with vinegar, I washed them several times in a stream of cold water and even between two jets I left them a little in the water. I was afraid it would smell of vinegar Magazine of Romanian culinary blogs: food and desserts, traditional recipes, international culinary recipes - 2013-10-14 - Gustos.r

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On Friday, July 21, 2017, I had the pleasure to participate, together with my husband, in a very delicious event. Laura Laurentiu launched at Kuxa Studio, her new project of workshops, team-buildings and private parties with cooking theme. The theme of the first party was the traditional Banat cuisine, reinterpreted so delicious that even now I remember absolutely everything we had. Accommodation online with great discounts at Abae Hotel Miami Beach (FL). Substantial discounts up to 75%, instant confirmation. Book now For mascarpone and peach cream: Beat the cream well with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar (you can also add powdered sugar if you think the cream is not sweet enough), then add the mascarpone, mix and add times pieces of finely chopped peach or a puree, as I did (I cut 3 peaches and let them boil for a few minutes with a tablespoon of sugar, until they are. The starch is mixed with the sugar in a saucepan, then add the beaten eggs and mix well. Add the milk, then put in a bain-marie and leave until it thickens, stirring constantly. After it has thickened, set it aside. on the bain marie, the chocolate melts

Bull pictures - Bo pictures

Situated in 05. Belváros City Center, Promenade City Hotel is the perfect place to experience Budapest and its surroundings. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. DJ PM is on Friday evening for you to bring the platter to a boil. Under the motto XPLOSION we will give you the best black and house music blaring on the dance floor. Entry is by invitation / girls have free entr Stores and prices - Tefal IH201840 hob from 399,00 RON !: (IH 201840) Tefal IH201840 hob is an induction hob, high quality, with black ceramic plate that has the following advantages: -sustainability-scratch resistance -heat resistance -easy d

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Sunday Lunch with Diana - no, it's not about me but about my dear tiza, Diana @ Can't boil an egg, a special young woman, very popular among foodies, who will delight us today with something good, as we already cooked. Boil until the potatoes are half cooked (check with a fork). 3. When the potatoes are half cooked, add the pods (washed and with cut stalks), a tablespoon of broth and half a teaspoon of thyme. Add more water and leave it on the fire until it has boiled well. Tesy GCV504420B11TSR electric boiler, 50 l, power 2000 W, capacity 50 L, pressure 0.8 Mpa, insulate Ioana 10 years ago - March 5, 2010 16:35. Re: KFC spicy wings. I wanted to make them these days because I still have 3 halves of chicken breast. the principle is the same. I just wanted to improve it a little for those who want more obvious twists. for this I wanted to make my fingers wet through the flour until I get small lumps through it and then pass the chest strips through it.

Ciolan with herbs

Cătălin Scarlătescu, «Hells Kitchen & # 8211 Hell of Chefs», Antena 1

Ingredient: Aries, garlic, thyme and fresh rosemary, sea salt, ground pepper, butter, wine.
Preparation: the ciolan (also with bone) is placed in a tray with a little water. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake at 120 degrees Celsius for 3 and a quarter hours. After this time, remove the foil, raise the temperature to 160 degrees and leave the tray in the oven until the meat is browned.
Put the butter and crushed garlic in a pan, leave it until the garlic is golden, then add the broken herbs by hand, salt and pepper. Mix well, put the meat in the pan and roll to soak in butter and take the flavor of herbs. Add a drop of white wine (preferably chardonnay) and allow the alcohol to evaporate a little.

Jam session in the kitchen

& # 8211 that's how I would define myself. I try not to falsify uncontrollably. They are essentially a conservative that does not accept compromises on the quality of ingredients & # 8211 I would never replace butter with margarine or the flavor of a meat soup with glutamate cubes. Maybe I skimmed over certain dishes along the way and started counting calories. I think the biggest challenge is to bring taste and aroma in dietary preparations. I'm a gourmet of notoriety and I am able, in the little free time I have, to mentally compose recipes, menus and set arrangements. I like household stores. I always find a pan that I miss, a terrine, a strainer, a multiple cutter for saltines. I go a lot on ergonomics and real help in the kitchen. I'm not interested in gadgets that I know for sure I wouldn't use and they would be filled with dust.

I started cooking when I was 10 years old, besides my mother. I don't have much time today. I cook 1-2 times during a week with recovery on the weekend. During the holidays, I used to go wild in the kitchen, but I'm not exaggerating anymore. listen RockFM and a lot of jazz and that inspires me. I like to travel around the world, to take and keep driving on vacation through areas less dedicated to mass tourism. I'm looking for authenticity in everything.

Mansion for sale brasov

Brasov, Sighisoara, mansion for sale / rent built: 2010, house 700 sqm, yard 2000 sqm. Located 36 km from Sighisoara and 6 km away from Viscri, the mansion is an oasis of refinement where you can enjoy the majestic simplicity, visiting the unaltered tourist attractions for hundreds of years. 725,000 € 20 as Houses for sale in all areas. Find the complete offer of ads with houses and villas for sale. or russmedia brand. Add announcement. My account. Old mansion house for sale, hangar, summer kitchen annex, warehouse annex, with tere Miresu Mare Prahova Validated phone. September 15 149 m 2. 7 13. The boyar house on the lake shore. Post free ads with requests and offers of services and products for sale, purchase or exchange. or russmedia brand. Add announcement. My account. Favorite. I am selling commercial space. currently operates as a restaurant La Conac, - event hall Slatina Olt Pestera Brasov September 18 1,000 m 2. 2 3. Land for sale. Mansion For Sale By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and partners that analyze how.

Mansion for sale in Brașov - Flatfy

  1. bones where all the original carpentry was kept, Sale aristocratic mansion beehives brasov. Brasov, Brasov County. Mansion for sale in Dambovita county, 3 km from Targoviste
  2. In a commune from Botosani, 90 km from Iasi, the owner is waiting for a mansion with 16 hectares of land and a lake. It is estimated at half a million euros. Such buildings are for sale all over the country but all need works that cost between 200 and 1000 euros per square meter, depending on the level of degradation.
  3. Mansion for sale, price 125,000 euros. all buildings were built in 2008, from scratch. The property is perfect to take refuge in the country: large land with forest and orchard, with one neighbor on one side at the exit of the village
  4. of the Dragus ski slope - tourist potential all the time.
  5. Impressive Saxon mansion in Cristian - house / villa with 12 rooms for sale in Cristian, Brasov county, 660 sqm, land 4000 sqm, f.s. 40

Conac - Find

  • Mansion mansion - house / villa with 5 rooms for sale in Braşov, from Braşov county, in Stupini area, 300 sqm, land 20000 sqm, f.s. 120
  • Discover 4 houses for sale with at least 1 in the room, from Cincu, Brasov (commune). In addition, you can find houses for sale, apartments, land, rooms, commercial spaces, offices, warehouses, garages for sale and rent on, your real estate site in Romania
  • Notary fees Updated 2020 With the support of the Individual Notary Office Vasilescu Bogdan headquarters: str. Lizeanu, no. 1-3, sector 2, Bucharest, 0721 294 38
  • See here 6 properties for sale in Mansion Brasov, with prices starting at 392,000 €. Find real estate for sale in Brasov county at the best price
  • Located in Bran-Simon, on the top of Balaban hill, 5 km from Bran Castle and 1 km from Bran hermitage, Conacul Boieresc pension offers accommodation in 10 double rooms with double bed, bathroom in each room, satellite TV, balcony, children's playground, 300sqm garden with 3 turrets, video-surveilled parking, rustic terrace, barbecue, protap, ping-pong table, sauna, massage
  • Want MansionOfSale? On you buy online products with discount and free delivery from stock. Buy now, 100% safe with Warranty of Delivery

All properties for sale in one place. 9 ads with Houses for sale in Halchiu, direct from Verified Owners and agencies House for sale ad, 6 rooms, Central Strada Dobrogeanu Gherea Brasov from real estate agency. and was not nationalized. It is a neo-Romanian style mansion, preserved as such, given its architectural value. The afferent land (about 1000 m2 with exit to two main streets Dobrogeanu Gherea and Ecaterina Varga) is located in. Mansion for sale. Buzau, Viperesti. 16-02-2012. 35,000 Euros. Facebook Whatsapp Copy the ad link. Concac type house, land 4100 square meters with fruit trees house with an area of ​​410 square meters with 8 large rooms on the ground floor +6 rooms in the attic and cellar 12 meters long and 4 meters wide. The walls have a thickness of 70. Vineyard with special mansion in Urlati, Prahova The property proposed for sale is located in Urlati, Prahova County, with direct access from the asphalt road. It is composed of a total area of ​​49 hectares structured as follows: 1. 43 hectares of vines the following composition: - Cabernet Sauvignon 18 ha (year 4 [

Mansion for sale - Houses for sale - Publi24

Guttman Valenta Mansion in Hoghiz (Brasov County) could have been one of the major tourist attractions in the area. Instead, it has fallen into disrepair and none of the owners in recent years have had the money to renovate it. It is now put up for sale with 38,000 euros for sale, Conac, Romania: offers thousands of real estate ads with houses for sale from. For sale 3 Bedrooms Romania, Brasov, Fagaras, Strada Ion Gavrilă Ogoranu 13,611,640.00USD For sale House for sale Add to favorites Details. REALIGRO FREE ADVERT Cod. 27518 FOR SALE Mansion, Romania, Neamt, Piatra Neamt.

The house needs a lot of repairs, which is why I said to lower the price to 27.000 euros. I hope to find a serious buyer, says Marian Paraschivescu. The mansion from Reviga, Ialomiţa county, is included on the list of historical objectives of the county, being included in category B of the historical monuments Houses for sale. Real estate ads on Halchiu Brasov. The exclusive chance to invest in a mansion of over 700sqm and 9000sqm yard in a quiet and appreciated area Brasov, Brasov. Find ads with white house a mansion in subcategory Houses - Villas for sale. Sell, buy, meet halfway! House / villa 6 ROOMS for sale, 170 MP, Brasov, Central RMX15725. Houses / villas for sale Brasov - RE / MAX Romania real estate agency It is a neo-Romanian style mansion, preserved as such, considering its architectural value. is located in the center of Brasov, 2 minutes walk from the Star store and 5 minutes walk from the area. We offer for sale a property with aristocratic flavor, materialized in a house built in 1873, with annexes and outbuildings and a plot of land with an area of ​​20,000 sqm. The house, arranged on Gf + M, keeps the imprint of the era in which it was built. Room layout - Compariimobiliare.r

On there are over 25,000 ads with villas and houses for sale, so that you have a diversified offer, when you are looking for your future home. From offers with various newly built houses, available for sale on HomeZZ, to fully furnished luxury villas in all major cities (and not only) in Romania, it is extremely easy to find. Price 392,000 EUR FILM. Distinct Mansion, on 700 sqm land, with fruit trees, pi 6 rooms | 280 m² | 2002 Brasov, Brasov 5 months ago Share this ad Save the ad. Price Price395,000 EUR Summer offer-mansion for sale with 1ha of land and orchard Industrial | 900 m². I am selling a mansion at the price of an apartment, it is part of the national patrimony and needs to be rebuilt. Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa County. 7 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, land 2000sqm five locality, Brasov county. Suitable for Guest house. Business for sale, located in a picturesque landscape in the resort of Bran, overlooking the mountains and Bran Castle. The business for sale covers an area of ​​5000 square meters and is composed of a building with a special architecture. The sales business has a capacity for organizing weddings of up to 250 people

Mansion for sale - Free Classifieds - Publi24

A mansion that recreates the atmosphere of inns once located in a dream landscape with a spring, crossed by a stream, a beautiful garden (5000 sqm). It offers accommodation in 6 double rooms, 2 triples and 3 luxury apartments. compact total of 15,000 sqm. The house, built of brick and reinforced concrete, foundation and basement in reinforced concrete, has an area of ​​150 square meters and a total built area. Boac Mansion for sale in Mehedinti county, Romania. The mansion is rehabilitated, it is in a very good condition. It has 12 rooms, spacious and welcoming rooms, of which 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms, 1 reception room with an area of ​​80sqm, spacious halls and cellar. The mansion has, besides household annexes, 10 ha of yard land and 10 ha of land. Brătulescu Mansion from Bughea village is put up for sale with a starting price of 150,000 euros, and Golescu-Gussi Mansion from Leordeni commune, both located in Argeş county, has a price from which the auction of 275,000 euros starts, according to Artmark Historical Estate

Mansion For Sale - Real Estate - OLX

  1. I offer for sale (NEGOTIABLE PRICE!), Villa mansion type modern American architectural style futuristic cubist - Villa Castelul din Carpati, fairytale area pretentious villas (area 1), Historic Center of Brasov, Wheel of Fortune area, offering you discretion, privacy , warm atmosphere, quiet, near the edge of the forest. The domain of the villa has 600 sqm orchard park type [
  2. Classifieds Houses for sale in Brasov, Brasov (see 221 ads with pictures, of 222) FILM. Distinct Mansion, on 700 sqm land, with fruit trees, pi. 6 rooms | 280 m² | 2002 392,000 eur. Brasov, Brasov Central. Share ad Save ad. Phone number verified.
  3. The property is a typical Saxon construction, composed of 2 houses and a barn, which forms a U-shaped unitary body, with a kindergarten of about 200 sqm and a yard of 280 sqm fully paved. Behind the grove there is a garden of 3000 sqm - Compariimobiliare.r
  4. Brasov Historic Center house for sale. Brick house for sale with 6 rooms. Conac Brasov. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic and quantify your ads. Learn more OK. Brasov Historic Center house sales. For sale houses in Caramida 6 rooms. Conac Brasov
  5. All properties for sale in one place.1083 advertisements of Houses for sale in Brasov, direct from Verified Owners and agencies
  6. (P) Offer for sale - Villa Castelul din Carpati in Brasov. I offer for sale (NEGOTIABLE PRICE!), Villa mansion type modern American architectural style futuristic cubist - Villa Castelul din Carpati, fairytale area pretentious villas (area 1) ..
  7. tests of the times, of now past, but flourishing, in which.

Boyar mansion for sale - September 202

Mansion for sale. Dolj, Motatei (Calafat) 10-12-2012. 180,000 Euros. Facebook Whatsapp Copy the ad link. Built in 19010, the estate covers an area of ​​14,000 square meters. and includes the mansion with a footprint of 326 sqm. mill 196mp. annex 214 mp. Alba Arad Arges Bacau Bihor Bistrita-Nasaud Botosani Braila Brasov Bucharest. ASCENDENT IMOBILIARE offers for sale a small mansion, located in Brasov, residential, house positioning, De Mijloc area. The property is structured on a composition with wide spaces, harmoniously distributed inspiring the air of a boyar location, with the greatness of the steps that centralize it. It completes the noble atmosphere, the fruit trees, the flower garden, the decorative fountain, the special spaces. exchange or sale with bucharest-brasov, mansion excellent condition with 10 rooms, wine cellar, terrace, all utilities and 4000sqm land, near valenii de munte on dn1a HOUSE FOR SALE EXCELLENT CONDITION - Houses and villas - anunturi.acasa.r

Boyar mansion surrounded by an urban land area of ​​27,470 sqm. located on the bank of a river. Many buildings are built around the mansion. the mansion representing the center of the attraction, it can even be called a palace, for. Casa Ta Real Estate Agency offers for sale / rent Boyar mansion B + GF + 1 + At, located near the town of Tg-Jiu, at DN 67, built with thick brick walls, concrete slab between levels, basement cellar, fountain with hydrophore, land 7500 sqm, fenced with brick fence. price 100,000 euros - exchanges with apartments are also accepted. Ads posted by: Casa T Information about Owner for sale Conac Sanpetru Jud.Brasov !. Out of stock on 25-04-2018, price 169,000.00 € on Okazii.r SALE luxury villa, 8 rooms, generous area in Stupini, central area, with panoramic views of Tampa and Bucegi. The building is completed in 2016, it is arranged GF + GF + AT, being made up of 2 apartments with separate entrances, and can be inhabited by 2 families. The front is composed of: - on the ground floor: generous living room, bathroom with shower, kitchen, hall and technical room - upstairs: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

FOR SALE - Cod. 35019. Type: Other (land) Area: 10000 m² Rooms: - Floor: 1 Lease date: 09/04/2018 CONTACT PRICE and additional details Land 10,000 m2, shed about 1,500 m2, office / house 80m Sale Mansion, Former mansion Urziceni with 9550 sqm yard, I am selling a former Urziceni mansion house with garden 9550 sqm, CONAC 1926 6 ROOMS IN HOT FAIR, house place opposite ELIAS mansion, Artificial fir flower branches with cone, Raw glass cone,, mansions for sale co For sale CONAC BOIERESC Francesti commune at county road 646 Babeni-Horezu, 4-room house, hall, kitchen, pantry, storage, 280sqm area and a vaulted cellar of approximately 45sqm, construction 1869, land 10,809sqm, urban, orchard 9,602sqm, cadastre, tabulation House for sale - boyar mansion Voinesti / Dambovita, Gafna-Bratulesti, 30km from Targoviste, year of construction 1945, renovated in 2005, GF + M, usable area 196 sqm, 6 rooms, annex with cellar suitable for rent .. Thus, the land of 22500sqm cultivated with noble vines, together with the Mansion, the winery, the house of the service personnel and other annexes were administered by the boyar until he, before the nationalization in 1948, donated them to the inhabitants of Dragodana village. During the communist period it was destroyed, and at the end of it the estate was not claimed

Owner for sale Sanpetru Brasov mansion! - The mansion was built at the beginning of the century. XX, its architecture being of Saxon type, with high and spacious rooms, windows in four wings, massive masonry closures and typical exterior frames - Announcement no. 208631 The house with the most ghosts per square meter is for sale. It is about a mansion from the 19th century, haunted, it seems, by the souls of the seven former owners of the building. The building has a sale price of $ 1.1 million, although it was initially listed at $ 1.8 million. The story of the mansion [FunIMOB Real Estate Agency presents for sale, in a system of exclusive representation and with 0% commission from the buyer, A special property, composed of the aristocratic house, the house. Mansion for sale in the Schei area of ​​Brasov rented with an excellent yield of 8.5% I have always liked beautiful houses, especially c ..

We offer for sale a property with aristocratic flavor, materialized in a house built in 1873, with annexes and outbuildings and a plot of land with an area of ​​21,000 square meters. The house, arranged on Ug + Gf + Atm, retains the imprint of the era in which it was built. The architecture and decor combine organically with the environment, formed by a park with alleys and secular fir trees, surrounds the mansion. Constanta, Movilita, aristocratic mansion with domain characteristics, orchard ID: X4850407C. Domain located in Constanta-Movilita, only 20 km from the center of Constanta, or 10 km from Eforie Nord resort. Property presented by: Grup Proprietati Perfecte - Imobiliare Constanta Land for sale Bucov, Sale Mansion, Former mansion Urziceni with 9550 sqm yard, House for sale former mansion Urziceni with garden 9550 sqm, HOUSE 1926 6 ROOMS IN HOT TARG, house opposite ELIAS mansion, house in com ciolanesti mansion style furnished,, mansions for sale prahov Valcea, Conac Boieresc - 350 ha forest and pastures, 750.000 Euro! ID: X444470.Valcea, Conac Boieresc, 500 sqm built, 300 ha forest, 4 ha yard, 45 ha arable land, interwar period construction, 30 rooms, 1 m thick brick walls, employees' canteen, 2 barns, gas connection possibilities, access to the forest on asphalt road and on paved road, security provided by Ocolul.

House for sale in Brasov residential area Historic Center. Safety: Very high safety, Car parking: Sufficient parking in the area, Restaurants: Sufficient, Schools and kindergartens: Sufficient, Churches: There is a sufficient number Sale Teleky Mansion Alba Iulia. 3 * Hotel for sale in Predeal Jud. Brasov Owner (acceptance and exchange of property difference) Usable area 1000sqm D P 3 land 500 sqm Facilities 15 rooms restaurant kitchens and outbuildings 3 terraces. 545000 eur - Tel :. Studios for sale Bran --The whole country-- Alba Arad Argeș Bacău Bihor Bistrița-Năsăud Botoșani Brăila Brașov Bucharest Buzău Călărași Caraș-Severin Cluj Constanța Covasna Dâmbovița Dolj Galați Giurgiu Gorj Harghita Hunedoara Ialomița Iași S Praf M Iul Il Suceava.

Mansions for sale, with prices starting even from

  1. The generous surface of the land completes an ensemble touched by the greenery of the fir trees and the tranquility of its isolation. Ideal for arranging an ensemble for organizing events, accommodation and entertainment, house, pension. Areas: · Land area - 6,540.57 sqm · Mansion developed area - 566 sqm · Annex area - 612 sqm
  2. ASCENDENT IMOBILIARE offers for sale a small mansion, located in Brasov, residential, house positioning, De Mijloc area. The property is structured on a composition with wide spaces, harmoniously distributed inspiring the air of a boyar location, with the greatness of the steps that centralize it
  3. SAT MOGOSESTI 14 KM PER PIECE WE SELL HOUSE 3 ROOMS 260 MP CASH 25000EUR MARGEANULUI HOUSE 5 ROOMS GAS SUPT 164 MP cASH 60000EUR SALAJ SECTOR 5 WE SELL HOUSE 4 ROOMS GAS 180 MP CASH 53000E DISC 53000EUR Real estate ads text Romania. Houses and Villas Real Estate Vaslui.
  4. Houses, villas for sale in Brasov, Historic Center - contact a RE / MAX real estate agent! Classifieds houses and villas for sale in Brasov, adapted to your requirements
  5. ist ..
  6. Cristian Brasov villas for sale. For sale villa with 1 floor. Impressive Saxon mansion in Cristia

Perfect for: PENSION of HUNTING and FISHING, AGRICULTURAL BASE, at 200m there are 5 lakes and at 5 km beech forest House Gf + 1 = 400 m2 built the year of construction 1986 construction BCA foundation + belts + 2 slabs of reinforced concrete double glazed doors solid oak tile roof. rooms-12 hallways-3 bathrooms-2 awnings-2 kitchen-1 terraces-2 Facilities: electricity, telephone, antenna. 4 0743 982 745 +4 0745 622 291 +4 0359 481 084 [email protected]

Mansion for sale in Vâlcea - Flatfy

  1. BOYRIA CONAC for sale in Giurgiu county, built in 1936, land area 2,550sqm, recently renovated, area 230sqm built
  2. FOR SALE, Conac Boieresc, Titu, str. Cuza Voda, sos. Bucharest - Pitesti, in very good condition, land 5000sqm, main building gf + 2, built area 1500sqm
  3. CONAC in the news, the search results for CONAC in the most important news of the day and the press magazine, CONAC in today's press, the news collection from today's newspapers
  4. New pension for sale in Sinaia, located in the ultra-central area of ​​Sinaia resort, easy access to all points of interest. 8. 8. 330mp. D + P + M. Pensions and hotels for sale Sinaia. Furnica area. Id: 2399. 1,050,000 EURO. 5 * pension for sale in Sinaia, great location !!
  5. The model of new houses with 4 rooms model Myra, of 140 usable sqm is located in the Good Residence residential complexes in Baloteşti. Land area 637 sqm

Historic Saxon mansion for sale in 1898, Transilvani village

I offer for sale (NEGOTIABLE PRICE!), Villa mansion type modern American architectural style futuristic cubist - Villa Castelul din Carpati, fairytale area pretentious villas (area 1), Historic Center of Brasov, Wheel of Fortune area, offering you discretion, privacy , warm atmosphere, quiet, near the edge of the forest FOR SALE in Historic Brasov, in the EXCLUSIVE area, CONAC Interbelic - Brancoveneasca Architecture, excellently located on a plot of 2,000 sqm, sunny, composed of B + GF + AT, 12 rooms, 3 bathrooms , 3 kitchens, wine cellar, garage, terraces, UNFURNISHED. Ideal: bussines, tourist investment, hotel, company headquarters or protocol house A mansion from Brasov County, five centuries old, was put up for sale for 38,000 euros. The mansion could have been one of the great tourist attractions of the area. Instead, it has fallen into disrepair and none of the owners in recent years have had the money to renovate Dracula's House for sale! The building where Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was screened has been put up for sale. It is about the Oakley Court mansion from Great Britain, which was listed last week, the price not being revealed yet

A mansion in neo-Romanian style, a historical monument from Ialomița County, was put up for sale on the website at a price of only 27,000 euros. The boyar house is located in the Ialomița commune Reviga, at a distance of 100 kilometers from Bucharest, and was built in 1932 Brancovenesc mansion for sale on the outskirts of Bucharest, Voluntari town. The mansion was built in 1930 by the extension of a body from 1898 and was completely renovated in 2008, keeping the initial elements characteristic of the Brancovenesc style. The Mirva Imobiliare real estate agency offers for sale a partially extra-urban land. partially urban, with an area of ​​160,000 sqm, connected at the end

Video: Impressive Saxon mansion in Cristian - house / villa with 12

Ultra finished. Phone number 0792357363 Codlea, Brasov. Gf + 1 Detached Villa, For Sale In Domnesti. 59.20 € - Moeciu (Brasov) - June 26, 2020. Gf + 1 Detached Villa, For Sale In Domnesti ⭕ West-Residential offers for sale gf + 1 detached villa, 400sqm land. for sale at the price of 74900 EUR in white Villa For Sale-Sinaia, Prahova-Mountain-Piatra Arsa-Royal Gulf-house. Willow Tudor Homes For Sale. Villa For Sale-Sinaia, Prahova-Mountain-Burnt Stone- Royal Gulf-house ⭕ Description: New villa Sinaia Burnt stone area Royal Gulf area only new villas area, D + P + E1 + E2, Area Cons. 277.18 sqm, located at the edge of the forest with a total panorama of the Caraiman and Bucegi Cross. 4-room house for sale in Brasov, Stupini. Mansion in Halchiu area, 9000 square meters. Halchiu - Romania. Bedrooms: 12. Bathrooms: 4. Surface: 700sqm € 535,000. For sale . SR0012 Pension-turnkey business in Bran

house for sale in logs. Details: house for sale in Busteni, Zamora neighborhood, wooden construction, completed in 2008, with an area of ​​190 sqm built, type - P + E + M, the ground floor consists of living room, bathroom, kitchen, upstairs garage are 3 bedrooms, bathroom, two balconies, and the attic consists of a bedroom. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic and quantify your ads. Learn more OK .Ground floor — 110 sqmLiving room1 bathroom 1 kitchen1 (ID: RGT36246 La Conac agrotourism pension is distinguished by its architecture that harmoniously combines elements of traditional Wallachian architecture with modern design accents that give tourists all the comfort they have The pension is one of those places where the refinement, tranquility and elegance of the place form the ideal setting for a tourist stay.

Mansion mansion - house / villa with 5 rooms for sale in

Property for sale in Greece. Today the idea of ​​†‹вЂ‹ investing in properties for sale in Greece is not so unhealthy, especially given the special situation facing the Greek economy at the moment, also given the forecasts for next year Apartment 2 rooms for sale Brasov Tampa Gardens Racadau 4,131 views 1:47 I take care of my dads and find out the story of the name, Ioana (EVA Show, Ep. 6) - Duration: 19:45 The starting price of the auction is 2,056,000 euros, excluding VAT. Asset identified in CF no. 118629 Brasov, no. cad: 1704, 6816/4/1, consisting of land with an area of ​​14,867 sqm, together with the construction of the school hall of molds (2 sections in S440) and the concrete platform. The starting price of the auction is 3,576,000 euros. Mansion with opening at DN6 located 85 km from Bucharest, 1 km west of Alexandria in Nanov commune on the road. Alexandria - Rosiorii de Vede. The former school with a generous land area and opening to DN of 98 m can have various destinations considering the opening to the national road and the very large land area. All documents are up to date including cadastre and tabulation. & Lt / p & gt Brasov, Sighisoara, sale / rent mansion built: 2010, house 700 sqm, yard 2000 sqm. Located at 36 km of Sighisoara and 6 km away of at Viscri, the mansion is an oasis of refinement where you can enjoy of majestic simplicity, of visiting ..

According to the offers listed on, at the moment, the most expensive apartment for sale in the Capital has a asking price of 2.5 million euros. This is a penthouse. Comments about balotest mansion Sale Villa, Bacau Business Center. CFR, Bacau. Old price: 87,000 EUR Price: 75,000 EUR. The real estate company Apollons, offers for sale Red villa with 300sqm usable and 350sqm built, divided into Ground floor, and first floor, basement and garage We present for sale a special property, ideal for those who love nature! The boyar mansion belonged to the Bratianu Family and was well maintained over time, it is completely renovated keeping the original lines, colors and decorations, being currently a private property. The surface of the building is 199 sqm usable plus two annexes of 50 sqm each and the yard has 13,000 sqm. The building is.

Boyar mansion built in 1936, with 6 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, enclosed terrace and a spacious courtyard, for sale in the Stupini neighborhood of Brasov. Do not miss the photo gallery: The only real estate offer on the Romanian market for sale / rent mansion in the Mogosoaia area, Mogosoaia palace, Gf + 2 floors, the construction was made in 2009 with the following construction system: Continuous reinforced concrete foundations, brick masonry with reinforced concrete cores, floors (exp et.2), reinforced concrete beams and belts. Thermal insulation c Companies and Business for Sale, ads sell turnkey business and looking for investor in Romania and abroad. Over 3500 Turnkey Businesses Profitable For Sale. Hotel - Pension - Camping in Brasov - Piata Afacerilo Conac Bavaria Busteni is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Conac Bavaria Busteni and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to ..

How to prepare a "boyar polenta". How much to boil and how to mix the cornmeal to come out perfect

The polenta recipes are numerous and vary from one region to another depending on the ingredients you have and your imagination.

The simplest dish, truly traditional, is polenta with cheese (salted cheese, sheep's cheese). In the past, polenta replaced bread, which was considered a real luxury in peasant houses. The polenta is always made fresh for every meal and eaten hot.

Today, we offer you a recipe for "boyar polenta" by Professor Nicolae Curelea, a master of Moldovan cuisine, who out of a passion for gastronomy, encourages and promotes authentic Romanian recipes.

What do we need?
• 3 cups of sweet milk
• 1 teaspoon of salt
• 1 tablespoon butter
• 1 ½ cup of corn (The quantity may vary depending on the quality of the corn and whether it is coarse or medium ground)
• 200 g of Telemea cheese
• 1 cup sour cream.
Gates = 6
Preparation time = 15 minutes
Boiling time = 15 minutes
1 cup = 240 ml.

In a saucepan or pot, heat the milk, salt and 1 teaspoon butter until it starts to boil. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of cornstarch in milk. As soon as the milk starts to boil again, pour in the rest of the cornstarch at once and mix vigorously with a wooden spoon or spoon for about 1 minute. Then add the cheese and the rest of the butter. Turn down the heat and continue to stir thoroughly, always in the same direction. You will see the polenta thicken and come off the edges of the cauldron. The polenta should be ready in 10-15 minutes.

Shake the kettle and immediately turn over on a hot plate. Cut into slices and serve hot. Serve the polenta with a side dish based on meat, fish or eggs, or with sour cream.

In the end, however, we had to break up and get in the cars. Each went somewhere else. Alina and Iuliana came with us to Orastie to visit Arsenal Park Transylvania.
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Yes, only you know how to laugh like that.
July 22 at 20:12 & # 183 I like it

Thank you very much for the pictures, dear Doina Varga!
July 23 at 08:51 & # 183 I like & # 183 1

Marta Gabriela Abdelhafiz

by Mariana. Maybe stop by our place
July 23 at 18:00 & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

kiss everyone!
23 hours ago & # 183 I like & # 183 2

Medi. do you kiss the driver of the train & quotnasul & quot?
23 hours ago & # 183 Edited & # 183 I like it

Marta Gabriela Abdelhafiz

I missed you, Medi
17 hours ago & # 183 I like & # 183 1

But you were in our Medi stories! And the other girls absent.
10 hours ago & # 183 I like & # 183 1

what goodies!
July 25 at 9:14 & # 183 I like it

. and they are not all. a tasty and healthy breakfast like the "Pearl of Mures"
July 25 at 10:29 & # 183 I like it

mmm, what goodies !!
July 25 at 10:48 & # 183 I like it

Thanks for the pictures, Sidonia!
July 25 at 11:18 & # 183 I like it

mmm :)
July 25 at 11:39 & # 183 I like it

July 25 at 1:25 pm & # 183 I like it

Beautiful your meetings! I'm happy for you! These are the best memories!
July 25 at 3:47 pm & # 183 Edited & # 183 I like it

Unforgettable memories. the pictures are very beautiful.
July 25 at 6:57 pm # 183 I like it

I greet you all, beauties!
July 24 at 12:39 pm & # 183 I like it & # 183 2

A big and beautiful band! I greet you all and send you all the good thoughts:
July 24 at 15:44 & # 183 I don't like it anymore & # 183 3

Thank you all very much!
July 25 at 7:53 am & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

How nice of you to meet again !! I admire you for keeping this tradition and I wish you to meet with pleasure for another 20 years from now on!

Group picture! Super faina!
July 23 at 7:59 pm & # 183 I like it

The coolest GROUP.
July 23 at 20:21 & # 183 I like it

where are you going delia
July 23 at 20:21 & # 183 I like it

Delia you walk all day, make sure you stay behind those who sit and work! (Joke)
July 23 at 9:01 pm & # 183 I like it

The photographer has arrived. We want more pictures.
July 23 at 9:45 pm & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

Everything was wonderful, but far too little.
What if I like to travel?
I knew you were waiting for me with the pictures. I really put them all on. I'm glad you like it.
July 23 at 22:31 & # 183 I like & # 183 1

Delia, you're on Melissa's lips all day. thanks for the pictures..super photographer.
July 24 at 00:35 & # 183 I like & # 183 1

Very nice. May your meeting be good and remain among your most beautiful memories!
July 24 at 22:50 & # 183 I don't like it anymore & # 183 2

Maria Elena Budulea, it was nice if you managed to come too. I missed you.
July 24 at 11:49 pm & # 183 I like it

you are so Beautiful!
July 23 at 09:25 & # 183 I like it

Congratulations! You are tireless! !
July 23 at 9:31 am # 183 I like it

Two beautiful, two special women, Sidonia and Iuliana, I hug you dearly. Congratulations dear ones.
July 23 at 9:37 am # 183 Edited & # 183 I like it

Good Valer and pretender from Ghana! (SUDAN) :))
July 23 at 10:05 & # 183

Congratulations on the meeting! here you can post your impressions from the meeting
The Great Meeting of the Tasty
July 23 at 10:15 & # 183

Congratulations, girls, tasty!
July 23 at 10:40 & # 183 I like it

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, girls! Treat us!
July 23 at 1:17 pm & # 183 I like it

The most wonderful friends. We are already thinking about the seventh meeting.
July 23 at 1:46 pm & # 183 I like it

Congratulations, people of humanity!
July 23 at 2:02 pm & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

Beautiful fun! & Gt: D & lt
July 20 at 15:26 & # 183 I like it

I am very happy for all of you who have met this year!
July 20 at 16:30 & # 183 I like it

And to wear, with pleasure, Jana, the beads and the bracelet!
July 20 at 16:32 & # 183 I like it

July 20 at 5:22 pm # 183 I like it

Pusi Roman. the fun ended last night and you know we missed you too.
July 20 at 5:23 pm & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

I am happy for you and I hope that I will be present at the next one!
July 20 at 19:12 & # 183 I like it

Very nice, congratulations to all.
July 20 at 19:30 & # 183 I like it

July 21 at 12:30 & # 183 I like it

Jana, know that the fun ended the next night. I hope you all felt good, although this time I was very static. I mean I was nowhere but in the city and a little around. But we were together and that mattered the most.
July 22nd at 09:46 & # 183 I like it & # 183 1

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to all those who organized this great event! We felt wonderful, as it was, in fact, every year! We are already looking forward to the next Meeting that will take place, this time, at BRAN in 2015.

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