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11 Scotch Cocktails to Try Right Now

11 Scotch Cocktails to Try Right Now

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There are few drinking experiences as pure and joyful as sipping on a dram of good scotch whisky. But that doesn’t mean the spirit should be relegated to a life of neat pours. Bartenders near and far have experimented with scotch’s many personalities, creating some of the most exciting cocktails in the canon. These are 11 scotch cocktails to try now.

  • If scotch is your religion, then you’ll want to be sure to try this simple cocktail. Just add scotch to a Collins glass and fill with ice. Top with equal amounts of ginger ale and club soda, then enjoy.

  • We’re gonna make you a cocktail you can’t refuse. The best part? This simple tipple has just two ingredients, so you can get to drinking in no time. Just fill a mixing glass with ice, add blended scotch and a dash of amaretto, stir until chilled and strain into a rocks glass.

  • Spirit-forward and robust, this cocktail isn’t messing around. Scotch, sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters are all you need. Mix and strain into a coupe, then top with two brandied cherries.

  • Blended scotch pairs in an unexpectedly beautiful way with Chambord’s vanilla notes. Add a splash of homemade Earl Grey syrup for herbaceousness and a dash of cream for richness, shake, double-strain and top with the expressed oils of a lemon peel.

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  • This cocktail will cure whatever ails you. The mix of blended scotch, fresh lemon juice, homemade honey-ginger syrup and an extra touch of single-malt scotch helps to show off the spirit’s citrusy side, with just the right amount of booziness to create a truly balanced sip.

  • This scotch-based take on the Negroni may be even better than the original. When replacing gin with the smoky spirit, the rest of the recipe (which includes the usual vermouth and amaro) takes on a deliciously bittersweet taste that’s both balanced and boozy.

  • Get a dose of veggies with your cocktail in this drink. Equal parts scotch and mezcal are a perfectly smoky pair and play nicely with Licor 43, heirloom carrot juice, agave syrup and fresh lemon juice. Serve in a rocks glass half-rimmed with salt, and garnish with a carrot chip, of course.

  • Heat things up with this strong spin on a Hot Toddy. If the fact that you should keep a fire extinguisher present during the making of this cocktail doesn’t make you sweat a little, then the flaming combination of cask-strength scotch, sugar and boiling water (which are all set aflame and then poured between two mugs) definitely will.

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  • Take your cocktail game up a notch (and add a dose of health) with this turmeric-infused tipple. Two kinds of scotch, turmeric simple syrup, egg white, lemon juice and heavy cream are shaken until fluffy, then topped with soda water and a liberal dusting of sumac powder.

  • This autumnal cocktail takes on the sweeter flavors associated with the season. Scotch, fresh apple juice, cinnamon syrup, fresh lemon juice and bitters are shaken and strained, then topped with a fresh apple slick to really drive home the crisp fall theme.

  • The secret to perfecting this classic is figuring out the ratio of Drambuie to whisky. Start with an ounce and a half of blended scotch and three-quarters of an ounce of Drambuie, then tinker until it tastes right to you. Serve in a rocks glass with one large ice cube.

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