Low green beans

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We wash the fringes and cut them into pieces.

Season the meat with salt and pepper and fry it in a pan in 3 tablespoons of oil (for 3 minutes)

Wash the peppers and leeks and cut them into pieces as desired, then put them over the meat on the fire. Add a cup of water, green beans (washed, cleaned of the heads and broken into pieces), peppercorns, mustard seeds and let everything boil for about 30 minutes.

Add chopped tomatoes and bay leaf. Let it boil for a few more minutes and start the fire. Add chopped green dill and let the covered food a little longer (2-3 minutes) to blend the flavors.

We served with potatoes with onion (http://www.bucataras.ro/retete/cartofi-caliti-cu-ceapa-51490.html)

Good appetite!

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